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Differentiate your payment service offerings with virtual currency options

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Increase user engagement by offering trading opportunities

Coinify Trade Solutions allow you to increase your user engagement by offering them the opportunity to trade between traditional and virtual currencies.

Our easily integrated solutions offer varying degrees of customisation to cater to your specific business needs. Payments can be accepted from bank transfers, by card or virtual currencies. Coinify will do all the heavy lifting of currency conversion so you get payouts in your preferred currency.

Easy Integration

Frictionless set-up and integration

Secure & Compliant

Highly secure transactions

Revenue Contribution

Attractive revenue share
  • #1 virtual currency payment service provider in Europe
  • 30.000+ merchant signups
  • User base in 70+ countries

Interested in offering virtual currency payment options? Just reach out to us.

Mark Nevers

Key Account Manager

Morten Bebe

Sales Manager
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