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10 Books About Blockchain and Bitcoin you Might Want to Read

If you are trying to improve your knowledge of blockchain and bitcoin, a book could be one of the best information sources. However, there are many books out there and it might be difficult to choose the right one. Therefore, we compiled a list of the top 10 books about blockchain and bitcoin you should consider reading.


Essential Books About Blockchain and Bitcoin

1. Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos

Mastering Bitcoin’ is targeted to coders and programmers that would like to learn how cryptocurrencies work, how to use them and how to develop a software that works with them.  However, the first five chapters are suitable for non-coders as well, since they touch upon the world of digital money.


2.  Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy by Melanie Swan

If you are interested in a thorough understanding of how blockchain works, this book may be a good choice for you. The focus is placed on deep explanations of the blockchain technology followed by bitcoin applications in real life.


3. Blockchain Revolution by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott

Blockchain has a lot of potential but also a lot of obstacles to overcome. ‘Blockchain Revolution’ explains how the businesses, industries and society can achieve prosperity, competitiveness and social justice through blockchain. Basically, this books looks into how the internet based on blockchain technologies can change civilisation for better.


4. The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and the Blockchain Are Challenging the Global Economic Order by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey

This book was one of the first major publications shared on the blockchain. ‘The Age of Cryptocurrency’ delivers the answers to why should anyone care about bitcoin. You can expect to learn about cryptocurrency: its origins, its functions, and what you need to know to be able to navigate a cyber economy.


5. The Science of the Blockchain by Roger Wattenhofer

The Science of Blockchain’ explores the basic concepts and techniques for building fault-tolerant distributed systems, in a scientific way. Different protocols and algorithms that allow for fault-tolerant operations are presented in the book. Furthermore, practical systems that implement the protocols and algorithms are discussed.


6. The Complete Guide to Understanding Blockchain Technology by Miles Price

The book dives into the numerous ways in which blockchain technology will change the way information is shared around the world. Furthermore, it discusses how this technology will revamp financial services and how governments will adopt blockchain to issue the digital versions of their national currencies.


7. Blockchain & FinTech: A Comprehensive Blueprint to Understanding Blockchain & Financial Technology by Richard Hayen

The book offers insights on the potential and impact of blockchain technology on businesses, finance and the world. It also presents an essential guide to understanding the new economy.

Furthermore, it presents a debate about the influence of financial technology on banking and financial industry.


8. Down the Rabbit Hole: (Discover the Power of the Blockchain) by Tim Lea

Down the Rabbit Hole’ is written for businesses and organisations to help them understand the power of the blockchain and capitalise on it. If you belong to business or organisation with an open mind, you will be able to spot the exciting opportunities to make your business more effective and become more valuable in the market place.


9. Great Chain of Numbers: A Guide to Smart Contracts, Smart Property and Trustless Asset Management by Tim Swanson

The Great Chain of Numbers is directed to a casual, business-centric audience that wants to become better informed and prepared for the innovations generated by the next generation.

The readers will be able to find answers to the following questions: What is a smart contract? What are decentralised autonomous organisations? How can companies and organisations use cryptocurrencies and crypto-ledgers to reduce costs and increase transparency? What obstacles need to be taken into account when developing decentralised applications?


10. The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology by William Mougayar

The blockchain technology will give rise to new business models and ideas that are still undiscovered. The book addresses the following: What is the blockchain? How blockchain trusts infiltrates. Obstacles, challenges & mental blocks. Blockchain in Financial Services. Lighthouse industries & new intermediaries. Implementing blockchain technology. Decentralisation as the way forward.



Now that you read through our recommendations on essential books about blockchain and bitcoin, do you know about book that you think shall be on this list? Let us know.



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