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Coinify representing Digital Currencies at three events

Banking technology forum, the future of digital banking and iGaming Super Show

Between June 23rd and 24th you can meet the Coinify team on two occasions in London and Amsterdam. Find detailed information for each event below:

1. Banking Tech Forum 2015

23/6, London, UK

Session: Decoding crypto – How Bitcoin Blockchain and distributed ledger technology can change payments, money, and finance

10:30 Keynote: Lasse Birk Olesen, Coinify

10:50 Panel discussion on Cryptocurrencies

with Patrick Griffin (Ripple Labs), Michael Mainelli, (Z/Yen)

Lasse will be accompanied at this event by Coinify’s Senior Key Account Manager Morten Bebe.

2. Future of Digital Banking 2015

24/6, London, UK

The Future of Digital Banking


Wednesday (Day 2), Session Eight:

Disrupt or be disrupted – exploring new opportunities with Lasse Birk Olesen, Chief Product Officer, Coinify  

14:00 Keynote: Bitcoin – the currency of the future?

“Coinify’s mission is to spread the use of digital currencies by making sure anyone can buy and sell bitcoin, or accept bitcoin payments. Here Lasse Birk Olesen, Coinify’s Chief Product Officer will explore the development of digital currencies and what the benefits of using them are. Simultaneously, he will bring to light a number of case studies of how financial institutions can use bitcoin and what opportunities cryptocurrencies present.”

14:20 Panel Discussion: Next steps in digital innovation: how should banks be using futuristic technologies?

  • Which future innovations are key to achieving digital success?
  • What are the main success factors in bringing an idea to fruition?
  • How can banks better encourage their customers to use new technology?
  • How can the industry differentiate genius from fad?
  • Could emerging left-field technologies, such as telepathy banking, ever really take off?
  • What will banking look like in 2020?

Lasse will be accompanied at this event by Coinify’s Senior Key Account Manager Morten Bebe.

3. iGaming Super Show

24/6, Amsterdam, NL

iGaming Super Show


Wednesday (Day 2) Payment Solutions Conference

14:00 Panel Discussion: Solutions – Digital Currencies (with Coinify CEO Mark Højgaard)

“Digital Currencies are becoming more widely accepted by governments and policymakers, making them a must-consider solution for iGaming. This session will feature a global legal round up of digital currencies, examples of their application in iGaming and solutions to get involved in digital money. This session will specifically look at digital currencies for iGaming in the USA, China, South America and Western Europe.”

Learning Objective: Digital currency legislation and implementation

With: Mark Højgaard (Coinify), Ben Robinson (Go Coin & RB Capital), Mark Bell (Secure Trading), Tim Heath (

If you are attending any of these events, please do not hesitate to approach us. We will be happy to meet you there and discuss the future, where digital currencies play key role and share what Coinify does to be part of it.

Do you know about another conference that we shall attend as well? Feel free to share this information with us.

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