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2019 – The Year in Review

2019 has been another year of challenges and unprecedented growth, resulting from the development of our existing offers, and from the creation of additional service features covering new use cases for our Payment Platform. Furthermore, we were happy to welcome new faces at Coinify, as well as lots of new partners in the Coinify network. Together we have been able to achieve a lot to further support the mainstreaming of virtual currencies.

This year the crypto space was able to calm down a bit, at least relatively to the prior years of this young and exciting industry. Thus, we entered into an important maturity phase for all players in the market. Incoming regulation is the major development right now, and we at Coinify do not only want to react to this but also help shaping it to the best of the industry.

In the following we want to relive Coinify‘s highlights of the past year.

Evolvement of our Payment Services Portfolio

At the very beginning of the year, we introduced our new trade platform for individuals, myCoinify, making available not only Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens and BitcoinSV. Users can take the straight path and purchase these currencies directly via bank transfer or credit card, instead of taking the usual detour via buying Bitcoin. Our aim is to empower the individual user with a trustworthy and compliant gateway that gives easy access to virtual currencies.

Over the year, we were happy to also welcome Nano, which is fee-less and sustainable, to all our services, meaning not only making it available to individuals but also on our payments side to tens of thousands of merchants.

In 2019, also the offerings in our B2B portfolio were enlarged significantly. For instance, merchants can now embed a trade widget powered by Coinify into their website letting the customer easily exchange between traditional and virtual currencies without leaving the website or app.

Growth in our Partner Network

We were delighted to cover new use cases and utilize potential together with our new partners.

By cooperating with BRD, we helped deliver a decentralized wallet app to Europe. With an integration of our in-wallet trading solution, users can exchange fiat and virtual currencies without ever leaving the secure mobile wallet. Similarly, we have made it possible for users of the Argent wallet to purchase Ethereum through their mobile wallet.

Another true highlight of the year was when we enabled the “Amazon of Switzerland”, Digitec-Galaxus, to accept Bitcoin and other selected crypto currencies as a means of payment.

Moreover, together with Verrency, we enabled bank customers to spend virtual currencies at any merchant over a bank’s existing payment card.

With these partnerships, as well as with the one with AmaZix – where we support clients with their token projects – we made another important step in our goal to foster virtual currency adoption and to bridge the old financial world with the emerging new.

Engaging Actively in the Ecosystem

We find it very important to be present and engage actively in the industry’s ecosystem to exchange thoughts, learn from each other, and help bringing the whole sector forward. Hence, we have attended this year in more conferences and meetings than before. We have assisted at Hackathons, met students, attended coin conventions and all kind of industry gatherings, of course including the local TechBBQ and FinTech Week in Copenhagen. A special focus we had on compliance conferences as there are many developments in this regard right now that shape the future and it is thus crucial to be up to date to ensure state-of-the-art compliance to the customers. Here we also involved actively by participating regularly in the EU Blockchain and Virtual Currencies Working Group in Brussels to promote discussion on progress in compliance and regulation with other key industry players. In line with these efforts, our COO and Co-Founder Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer spoke on behalf of the whole industry in front of the United Nations on how to apply proper AML practices and use the disruptive technology for good. It was the largest meeting in history between policy makers, supervising bodies, and industry players in the emerging industry.

Living Diversity

Being more than 5 years old by now, Coinify grew also in this year in all departments. We are proud of our open and flourishing company culture with 20 different nationalities on board, and an equal balance of women and men.

New Year – New Awards

Also this year we were happy and proud to receive some renown awards.

Frost & Sullivan honored us with the Growth Excellence Leadership Award in the Global Blockchain-based Platform for Financial Services category since we do not only grow impressively and sustainably but also continue to influence the emerging market with our focus on regulations.

Not one but two awards we received from the European Women Payments Network, one for Diversity as it is deeply ingrained within the fabric of our company, and one for the FinTech Startup of the Year.

UN Global Compact Network

We are proud to have joined the UN Global Compact Network Denmark and supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG ́s). 

At Coinify, we try to adhere to the highest industry standards and comply with international regulations. So for us, it is a natural progression to build on, and further develop corporate sustainability with our value system and principle-based approach to doing business. That is why we have incorporated the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and SDG 5 and 9 into our strategies, policies and procedures.

2020 Can Come

It has been an exciting year, characterized by development in all areas of our business. We moved more than 100M EUR in total transaction volume, and we should all be proud. At this point we would like to say thank you to everybody who has accompanied us on this journey and wish a happy new year to all our partners, customers, followers, and employees. We can’t wait to see what the new year will bring.