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3 Occasions And Locations You Can Meet Coinify This Friday

1. Payments International Conference, London

This Friday, March 20th, will be far from ordinary office day for Coinify. In fact, there are 3 different ways you can meet themembers of the Coinify team:

Are you attending Payments International, the largest payments summit in Europe? Then do not miss the special address by Coinify’s CPO Lasse Birk Olesen. Feel free to approach Lasse together with our CEO Mark Højgaard at the venue. They look forward to networking with you.


Payments International at Guoman The Tower Hotel in London, UK.

Official conference website.


2. Denmark Youth to Business Forum, Copenhagen

Jack Nikogosian from Coinify takes part in Denmark Youth to Business Forum, an international event bringing together millennial generation and the businesses. Under the current theme being Technology re-inventing business, Jack will represent Coinify by facilitating a workshop Getting Started with Bitcoin together with a short introduction to Bitcoin and sharing his story about professional involvement with Bitcoin to the participants. Come and try the ease of using Bitcoin in less than 5 minutes!


Denmark Youth to Business Forum


The workshop section takes place between 4:30 – 5:45PM and our colleague Joosep will be there as well to assist. Make sure to have a look at the full event agenda, as there are some great speakers and companies attending! More information at the official event website.

3. Copenhagen Bitcoin Pub Crawl, Copenhagen

Join Jack Nikogosian, who is currently living a full month only on Bitcoin, for the fist Bitcoin Pub Crawl in Copenhagen! We have 9 places to visit, and apart from 7 classic bars, we will play ping pong and get some midnight snack at the top rated hotdog stand in the town! We are meeting at 8PM at the Dubliner Downtown, due to conveniece of 2-way bitcoin ATM present, and will visit one-by-one the remaining places on the list. More information is available at the official Facebook event or a Meetup event.  Come and join us for the fun night out!


Get thirsty and join bitcoin pub crawl.


This Friday, March 20th, will be rich in terms of Bitcoin experience at more levels and places. Coinify is proud to introduce Bitcoin to more people as a part to its mission to mainstream use of digital currencies. Join the revolution!

To learn more about Coinify products, visit our website. If you want to get in touch, please use our contact page. For media, event, investor enquiries and more information about Coinify, please use our Newsroom.