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33 Indicators That Bitcoin Growth Isn’t Slowing Down in 2016 (Infographic)

2015 has been an exciting year for Bitcoin marking many significant developments and new avenues. Amid 100+ claims made by the mainstream media that Bitcoin has died, 2015 was definitely not the last year for what many claim to be one of the greatest innovation in decades within the fintech space. The potential that bitcoin and its backbone blockchain technology offer, is far from fully exploited. Yes, we predict bitcoin growth in the upcoming year.


Key highlights: Bitcoin in 2015

The bitcoin ecosystem has, since the beginning of 2015 experienced:

  • record amounts of VC investments
  • continuing price stabilisation
  • increasing number of individuals and businesses using Bitcoin
  • new legal and regulatory developments
  • some of the largest banks looking into bitcoin and blockchain


Bitcoin growth isn’t slowing down in 2016!

And according to BargainFox’s 33 indicators, the best is yet to come. Have a look at this infographic providing comprehensive snap shot of the bitcoin ecosystem – including:

  • the bitcoin price development and the key events
  • profiles of the biggest merchants including retailers accepting bitcoin payments
  • demographics for the bitcoin user is and what does statistically bitcoin spending account to the most
  • comparison between Bitcoin adoption and the one of PayPal
  • overview of the leading bitcoin payment service providers
  • some of the most popular alt coins (blockchain currencies)
  • and much more…


33 Indicators That Bitcoin Growth Isn

Infographic made by: BargainFox

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