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Reach more customers: Accept 17 digital currencies using Coinify API

You can now receive payments in 17 different digital currencies from your customers directly on your own website.

We recently enabled a range of new currencies in our hosted payment window. For those of you who prefer to show the payment information on your own website, the same functionality can now be accessed directly in our API.


Here is how:

Our Create an invoice endpoint now accepts two optional new parameters:
[ruven_info_box style=”default”] input_currency : Input currency that the invoice should be paid in. See supported input currencies for retrieving a list of supported currencies. Defaults to BTC. [/ruven_info_box]

[ruven_info_box style=”default”] input_return_address : The address (belonging to the input_currency) that the payment should be returned to in case of an error. Mandatory if input_currency is not “BTC” – otherwise unused. [/ruven_info_box]

It is also possible to update an existing invoice to use a different input_currency.

Once an invoice is created using an input currency, the returned invoice object contains an additional inputs object that can look like this:

[ruven_info_box style=”default”] “inputs”: [{
“currency”: “DOGE”,
“amount”: 3893.33333333,
“address”: “DAfNsbdWnXnEZwTAZdNWeUZLNqnfFLs5D5”,
“return_address”: “D95Kj5JJiWXH4kjTqHXovF5taxcLWoPNGG”,
“payment_uri”: “dogecoin:D95Kj5JJiWXH4kjTqHXovF5taxcLWoPNGG&amount=3893.33333333”,
“verified”: false,
“timestamp”: “2016-01-26T12:09:01Z” }] [/ruven_info_box]

With this you can show the payment information for the chosen payment currency on your own website. Once the payment is completed, you receive a payment callback from Coinify as usual and your Coinify account is credited in the same currency as always.

Thanks as always for using our platform, and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Hamed Sattari

Hamed Sattari, CTO
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Image credits: Coinify

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