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Better APIs for payments and Bitcoin purchases

Payments API v3

Our new payments API v3 has arrived! Flexibility, standards compliance, and consistency are among the key features:

  • Improved security
  • Fine-grained API key permissions

    • When creating API keys, the creator can explicitly grant/revoke specific actions for each key, such as create invoice, list invoices, query merchant balance, etc.
  • REST-compliant API
  • Response format consistency

    • All errors responses, success responses, and objects are always presented in the same format, regardless of the which API endpoint is used.

While our APIs v1 and v2 will remain active, all Coinify Merchant customers are encouraged to upgrade to our new Payments API v3.

Read our Payments API documentation here.


Merchants with a verified corporate account can now also purchase bitcoins using their Coinify Account Balance. This is especially useful for e-wallet providers and other services holding customer funds who want to allow customers to withdraw from their balance using Bitcoin.

Read our Buy API documentation here.

Apply for a Buy API key by creating a support ticket. It is required that you have a corporate entity with a verified Coinify Merchant account.

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