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Bigger, better & happier…We have moved!

Coinify's new office space
Growing stronger

Our story does not fit the typical two friends in a garage format. Coinify’s founders started off as two separate companies, one located in the Philippines and one in Denmark. The companies united and ended up in a small office space in Brønshøj Torv, Copenhagen.

In summer 2014 Coinify had just four team members, then the number of members rose to 12. This sudden rise in people emphasized the need for a bigger office. Our new quest forelbow space took us to Herlev, the hood of Copenhagen-based IT companies.

The 1st of February 2015 marks an important milestone for Coinify’s journey. It is the day when we move our entire office to the new location. The move gave us all a chance to get a little exercise away from the desk. Now, we are sorting out the last few boxes and starting to settle in.

We will miss our old space as we had some great memories and will always remember it as the birth of Coinify. But, now is the time for development and expansion. We are all excited and looking forward to our new working environment and the positive start to our new year.

We captured our moving moments… Check out some Before, During and After pictures documenting our transition.


Old and new office album

Feel free to drop by at our new address Herlev Hovedgade 15B, 2730 Herlev.

To learn more about Coinify products, visit our website. If you want to get in touch, please use our contact page. For media, event, investor enquiries and more information about Coinify, please use our Newsroom.