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Blockchain-Coinify Integration updates: Buy and Sell Bitcoins inside Wallet

In November last year, Coinify announced partnership with the world’s leading Bitcoin wallet provider

Blockchain-Coinify integration allowed individuals for the first time to seamlessly buy Bitcoin directly from their wallet. Many developments took place since, and we would like provide you with the brief overview of how this collaboration has translated in extended and new features.



Buy Bitcoin on Desktop

The partnership announced on November 15, 2016 enabled nearly instantaneous wallet funding without compromising user security or control, marking a milestone in the blockchain industry. The Buy Bitcoin functionality from inside wallet (desktop) was first launched in the U.K. and expanded to the rest of Europe in early 2017.





Buy Bitcoin on iOS

The next step in delivering greater accessibility for the users was to introduce the Buy Bitcoin functionality for wallets on iOS mobile devices. On June 6, 2017 the iOS users in Europe were entitled to buy Bitcoin from inside the wallet using user-friendly Blockchain-Coinify integration.





Blockchain-Coinify Integration Enables Selling Bitcoin on Desktop

On July 7, 2017, Blockchain-Coinify integration went even further and rolled out the Sell Bitcoin functionality. Desktop wallet users in Europe have the option to sell Bitcoin directly from their wallets.





Buy Bitcoin on Android

And most recently, since July 10, 2017, Android mobile device users in Europe are now able to purchase Bitcoin directly from their wallet.





Blockchain-Coinify partnership was established to accelerate the adoption of digital currencies. We will continue on this mission together, though building an open, accessible and fair financial future for everyone.


Today, wallet users in Europe can quickly buy or sell Bitcoin from inside their wallets on most of the platforms. We are constantly working on further improvements in our services and adding new features to serve a wider range of our customers’ needs and offer more versatility to the blockchain community.




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