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Coinify Continues Market Dominance in Europe by Acquiring BetterCoins

(COPENHAGEN, December 14, 2018) – Coinify ApS, an established global virtual currency payment platform, has successfully acquired BetterCoins, a fast-growing virtual currency broker founded by Mads Johan Eberhardt, a serial entrepreneur and virtual currency evangelist.

The recent waves of lower market volume combined with heavier regulatory requirements have been challenging the industry.

“We are seeing companies in the industry looking to find acquisition partners which are compliant with the coming regulation and in general, ones who have a financial services-regulated approach to their business. This is where Coinify has a sweet spot.”, remarked Mark Højgaard, co-founder and CEO of Coinify

BetterCoins chose Coinify due to an overlap in corporate values.

“Coinify shares the same customer-centric values as BetterCoins, while at the same time having the scale and financial strength to be at the forefront of the regulatory tsunami with requirements flooding the blockchain payments industry Europe over these past few years,” said Mads Johan Eberhardt, founder and CEO of BetterCoins

BetterCoins´customers can continue to reap the benefits of close support and guidance from Coinify, but now with even more competitive pricing.

“We are happy to welcome users of BetterCoins to our service. We can guarantee that as our new customers, they will gain merit from our customer-focused service and lower fees,” remarked  Romina Fonseca Allegretti, Coinify’s Head of Customer Onboarding and Support.

As of the 14th of December 2018, Coinify will have completed the acquisition of BetterCoins.