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Coinify Announces Exclusive Blockchain Payments Conference in Cooperation with Deloitte

Blockchain and digital currencies explained from more perspectives

Consensus about the Blockchain technology having a bright future is growing, and so is the number of finance industry professionals following this technological innovation in search of ways it can improve and benefit their businesses. Paradoxically, one of the greatest challenges when it comes to entering the digital currency space is the lack of information relevant for one’s business prior to this step. This event employs a “HandsOn” approach in order to tackle this issue. It sets to provide the participants with better understanding of how the payment industry can benefit from the digital currencies with a focus on the digital currency space entry.

Blockchain Payments 2015 event takes place on September 30, 2015 in Amsterdam and consists of three building blocks:

1. Legal and Blockchain

  • Governments – and decentralised payments systems (local speaker, TBA)
  • Blockchain introduction – explanation by Lasse Birk Olesen (Coinify)

2. Blockchain and Risk

3. Merchant and PSP Solutions

  • Business Case – Get to know merchant solution for Europe (Coinify) and their PSP partner
  • Panel Discussion – Future Blockchain payment possibilities

You will be guided through the program by the host Christian Visti Larsen from one of the conference organizers, CAC Academy.


Event partner with over $34 billion annual revenue

Deloitte is one of the leading global firms offering audit, consulting, financial advisory, legal, risk, strategy and technology services. The company has previously engaged in the Bitcoin and Blockchain technology topic in form of research, event and competition activities. Coinify is proud to partner up with Deloitte on this special occasion.

Amsterdam as the leading Bitcoin city in Europe

The choice of the event’s venue is not accidental. According to the itBit’s list of Top 25 Bitcoin-Friendly Cities in Europe, Amsterdam holds first place with 116 vendors located in The Netherlands capital. In digital currency world, Amsterdam is well known for its Bitcoin Boulevard, a canal area with shops and cafees accepting bitcoin. Thus, the conference attendees can seize this opportunity and experience the new currency along enjoying a cup coffee.

 A pub sign saying they accept bitcoin.


Register today and secure you seat!

Blockchain Payments Conference’s seating is significantly limited as the focus lies on delivering high quality content and more interactive elements that are meant to be more beneficial to the participants. Therefore we advise you to secure your seat as early as possible in order not to miss out on this unique opportunity to gain better understanding of the potential of Blockchain technology for the payments industry.

You can read more about this exclusive event at About-Payments or this article and remember to register for the event at CAC Academy’s website

Image credit (from top down): CAC Academy, Wikipedia

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