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Coinify Board of Directors Welcomes New Chairman

This post is dedicated to Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer, who steps down from the position as Chairman of The Board to become Board Member; and to Steen Parsholt, who joins Coinify as our new Chairman. Steen joins with an impeccable track record from the financial industry both during the last financial crisis, and later stabilizing several banks as part of the government initiative Financial Stability. As a professional Board Member he will set new standards for the Coinify Board.


Before Coinify

Establishing Coinify was a longer journey that started in 2013 when our Chairman Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer first started dialogue with Bitcoin Internet Payment System and Bitcoin Nordic to form a stronger ecosystem player in the early days of bitcoin. Coinify was established in 2014 and acquired intellectual properties from both companies and immediately started -merging the two companies into a single platform, building the new brand, securing growth investment, establishing first key hires and partnerships … all this before concluding our first year of successful operations. Immediately followed by the acquisition of Coinzone as another strong European player. These first steps were crucial for forming a base on which Coinify could start building and transcend from a newcomer into the top four on the global blockchain payment market.


Founding Coinify

We would like to express our gratitude to the person who has been with us from the very beginning and played a crucial role in this transformation, Coinify Co-Founder and Chairman, Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer. With rich managerial experience from previous positions in IT and fintech companies (including Oracle, IBM, Pandora, Bancore and currently Nets Group), Hans Henrik has contributed with translating Coinify’s growth objectives into actionable plans and aligning our technology capabilities to business needs. “We think that Hans Henrik’s performance as chairman had been truly outstanding and we greatly appreciate all his efforts in navigating us to where we are today” expressed CEO and one of the Co-Founders Mark Højgaard.


New times ahead

As Blockchain technology continues to pique traditional financial institutions’ interest, Coinify recognise the need to bring more traditional banking expertise into our board, and bring even deeper understanding, extensive experience and powerful network from the financial services industry. Change in the board leadership was a strategic decision made unanimously by all the company founders. We also agreed that it is time to move even further besides these capabilities, we were looking for someone with genuine interest in the technology, who can advocate for blockchain and help us link these two worlds” commented Mark Højgaard.


Steen Parsholt meets these criteria well and welcomed the new chairman role as “a great opportunity to fronteer leading company within the blockchain payment industry,” through which he will “strive to bring about significant changes to the traditional financial world.”


Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer, who took part in the recruitment process, welcomed his successor: “I am pleased to welcome Steen Parsholt at his new role as Coinify Chairman and I am confident that under his lead, we will be able to establish even stronger ties to the financial industry as well as implement his experience from this sector into our strategy.” Hans Henrik will continue his involvement with the company as regular board member: “We foresee that 2017 will be a very exciting year for Coinify, and we have been readying ourselves for formal regulation and compliance to finally kick-in in our industry which we have worked tirelessly for – and I am excited to see this as part of the board work,” added Hans Henrik.


new chairman

Image by Jonas Pryner Andersen from the Børsen article


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Image credits: Jonas Pryner Andersen (Børsen)

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