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Coinify CEO, Mark Højgaard, awarded global top-25 fintech CEO of 2020

At Coinify we aim to excel at championing emerging fintech technologies, so it was hardly a surprise that our CEO, Mark Højgaard, was recently nominated as one of Tech Innovator’s Top 25 fintech CEOs. Mark ranks among other brilliant CEOs from all over the world and in various specialisations within fintech, such as Brad Garlinghouse (Ripple), Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter/Square).

“Hojgaard is steering the company towards building a strong, trustworthy community and injecting novel methods of payment across industries.”

In the article, Mark attributes his success to knowing his strengths and when to delegate responsibility to other members of the Coinify Team, stressing that not doing so can lead to missing out on “golden opportunities”.

“The more time spent by a leader micro-managing, the more they miss out on golden opportunities.”

Additionally, he does not wish to be seen as our fearless leader in the classical sense. Instead, he argues that it is important to fear failure, but to leverage that fear to motivate you to go the extra mile to succeed.

See a list of all the 25 top fintech CEOs or read more about Mark’s approach to leadership in the June edition of Technology Innovators Magazine.