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Coinify Launches Corporate Brokerage Service for ETH and BTC

We Have Opened up for Institutional Traders and Large Customers

As part of our company’s growth, we are expanding our current business offering with compliant corporate brokerage services for virtual currencies, with bitcoin and ether as our starting point.

Coinify has already earned a global name with our simplified payment processing and trading services; but as part of our advancement in the blockchain and virtual currency industry, we are venturing into new terrain by opening up virtual currency brokerage services on the Coinify  platform.

This service will facilitate virtual currency conversion services for the professional trading community, such as institutional traders; retail traders; hedge funds; financial institutions and large account holders.

The extensive range of new services will not be limited to corporate virtual currency brokerage; it also can include: the provision of virtual currency liquidity for clients, the support of large-volume trading, and tailored services with a dedicated account manager–all offered at a competitive price.


Rikke Staer Coinify CCO

“Within the past six months, we have experienced a growing demand for this particular service, and we are now happy to welcome financial institutions, institutional investors, brokers, and other corporate clients to make use of the Coinify trade engine,” announced Coinify’s Chief Commercial Officer, Rikke Stær.


The introduction of the new service comes as part of our company’s maturation as a virtual currency broker. While we have long helped service the needs of individual clients in their trading pursuits, we are eager to explore the potential of a new platform with tailored and guided services that will satisfy the trading needs of professional clients.




Image Credits: VicenzoSantori (Pixabay) and Coinify

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