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Coinify and DigixGlobal collaboration aims to bring blockchain-based assets and payment platforms closer

Joint Press Release

(March 15, 2016; Copenhagen; Singapore) Coinify and DigixGlobal are currently composing a new deal to strengthen their ongoing partnership and serve as a building block bringing the worlds of blockchain-based currencies and physical assets closer together. This expanded collaboration between both companies shall allow users to use DGX gold backed tokens for payments in exchange for merchant goods and services through Coinify.


Coinify CPO, Lasse Birk Olesen says: “At Coinify, we are looking into the option to add DGX gold tokens along the 17 blockchain currencies our payment platform currently supports. This will be the first physically-backed blockchain token to be offered as a payment option for our merchants’ customers. Asset backed tokens represents a significant step forward in the blockchain payment industry. They will increase the adoption of blockchain technology for those who would rather hold tangible assets on the blockchain. We are excited to see this happening and are fully supportive in taking this step forward.”


Digix is an asset tokenization platform that securely puts LBMA gold assets on the Ethereum blockchain allowing creation of DGX gold tokens. DigixDAO crowdsale supporters, beginning on March 30, will fully participate in the upside of this collaboration, as the integration will increase transactional volume of DGX gold tokens. Coinify is the largest European blockchain payment provider with growing presence in Asia with access to over 10,000 merchants such as Hungry Group, Queal, and Just-Sold. The companies have already partnered up earlier in the year to make it possible to own gold on Ethereum.


Shaun Djie, Marketing Director at DigixGlobal, says, “We also have plans to list more physical products such as silver and diamonds at Digix. Coinify’s receptivity and show of support bodes well for the Ethereum ecosystem.”


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