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Coinify launches cryptocurrency trading in South Africa

As the European leader for cryptocurrency trading, Coinify is continuously expanding our global footprint to provide trading solutions for our partners and customers all over the world. We are currently present across 5 continents in over 50 countries, and are excited to announce that we are now adding another country to the list. Beginning today, we are offering our cryptocurrency trading solution in South Africa. 

South Africa is the first African country supported in Coinify Trade Service – more are coming soon!

We look forward to providing South African’s the opportunity to register and trade cryptocurrencies with Coinify through all of our partners, including Ledger, Changelly, BRD, OKEx and many more. We also offer our trading solution in South African Rand, to provide a truly tailored, global solution. 

Contact Coinify Sales Team today to learn more about how to add Coinify’s Trade solution to your website or mobile app.