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Coinify Merchants Can Now Accept Bitcoin Cash

On the 1st of August Bitcoin Blockchain forked, which resulted in creating a separate cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash. You can read more about the Bitcoin fork here.

We have been constantly monitoring Bitcoin Cash since the hard fork to act in the best interest of our users without compromising our customer’s funds safety.

We have received several inquiries to support Bitcoin Cash and decided to implement it into our merchant payment service. Coinify merchants and e-commerces can now add Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin and 13 other cryptocurrencies as payment options for their customers.

We are constantly working on further improvements in our services and adding new features to serve a wider range of our customers’ needs and offer more versatility to the blockchain community.

Bitcoin Cash


About Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash, initially proposed by the Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain, was activated on the 1st of August, 2017.

Even though Bitcoin Cash is just another modified cryptocurrency, it is getting more attention for several reasons:

– It was created as a result of the Bitcoin Core forking, and not created from scratch.

– It was timed to coincide with Bitcoin core activating change in its code called BIP 148. This was a highly publicised event and the result of months of negotiation among major players in the blockchain community.

– The Bitcoin Cash price has been significantly increasing since it has been activated.




Image credits: Krassotkin (Wikimedia Commons), Daria-Yakovleva (Pixabay) and Coinify

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