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Coinify Partners with Kristian Von Hornsleth for NFT Collection

“What if art could be digital instead of physical, art being something you could trade.

Coinify and Kristian Von Hornsleth are partnering together for the release of Hornsleth’s new NFT project, Anonymous Rebels. Hornsleth is a Danish conceptual and performance artist, known for his controversial pieces of art centered on topics that are considered taboo. Hornsleth has mastered turning his provocative approach into an art form, attracting mass media attention to his various projects. Coinify, a non-traditional payment mechanism, will provide a solution to facilitate the transaction between crypto and fiat currencies, serving the fundamental aspects.

This will be Hornsleth’s second NFT collection, holding up to 777 exclusive NFTs. Anonymous Rebels follows the success of his initial collection which exhibited the irony of capitalism in Hornsleth’s provocative style, selling out in just half an hour, generating over 2 million DKK in sales.

What are NFTs and how are they beneficial? 

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are cryptographic assets that are based on blockchain technology and are unable to be replicated, providing each with a unique appeal. The market is on a constant rise, with the NFT sales volume totaling 24.9 billion USD in comparison to the previous year, totaling 94.9 million USD, according to DappRader. Due to there being no intermediaries, NFTs are becoming increasingly popular amongst artists, as this provides a new way to directly connect with an audience and for commodities to be both sold and resold transparently. Moreover, artists no longer need to limit their work to only being exhibited in museums and galleries, and can gain resale royalties from their art. Royalties account for a percentage of each new sale, as blockchain technology allows for the tracking of every resale.

Coinify and Anonymous Rebels 

Coinify aims to mainstream the usage of virtual currencies, supporting both businesses and individuals in adopting financial innovation. The innovative solution provides the infrastructure and delivers a seamless experience in bridging the gap between traditional and crypto payments, depositing the currency directly into customers’ bank accounts. Coinify additionally opens up the possibility of purchasing Hornsleth’s art with bitcoin.

The inspiration behind the collection

Hornsleth has turned his fascination with the rapidly advancing digital world, introducing a new way of processing art, into a reality by digitizing his art and making this tradeable. The upcoming NFT collection, Anonymous Rebels embraces the aspect of how virtual interactions can take place without giving away personal data, instead of constantly having websites track and store our digital activity. The importance of the project does not center upon the NFTs being 100% non-traceable, but highlights the principle of discussing the matter of online privacy and security, and what we can do with this new force in the metaverse. “I’m fascinated by something that I cannot understand, and I feel the world is moving that way,” Hornsleth explains, commenting on the upcoming project in his interview with Coinify’s Co-Founder Mark Højgaard. Hornsleth discusses the aspect of freedom, and how his collection reflects upon this topic whilst bridging the gap between physical art and the metaverse.

Join the anonymous rebels… 

NFT row-holders can receive various benefits, including physical rewards. This includes an invitation to attend an in-person crypto conference with recognized speakers such as Hornsleth himself and Hornselth’s paintings transformed into NFTs which can be found and claimed in the real world. 

Stay tuned for the Anonymous Rebels drop on November 1st.

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