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Coinify rolls out new Wallet Connect Integration 

We are excited to announce that we just rolled out Wallet Connect integration in our payment window to all users. This product update allows users to pay and complete payments with just a few clicks. The new feature is supported on both Desktop and Mobile devices and it only supports Coins on the Ethereum network.

With the new feature, merchants can now offer a seamless checkout process that eliminates the need for customers to manually input their crypto wallet information. This improved user experience can increase customer loyalty, which leads to higher conversation rates for merchants.

Coinify’s integration with Wallet Connect ensures that merchants always receive the correct amounts for transactions as it requests payment directly from the customer’s wallet. This eliminates the possibility of over or underpayments and helps to ensure a smooth and accurate transaction process.

With over 150+ wallet options available, it ensures that customers can always use their preferred wallet or payment method. This level of flexibility allows merchants to cater to a wider audience, accommodating customers with diverse crypto portfolios. 

Please Note: If you are already using Coinify – this integration is enabled for you.

Follow these steps to complete your payments:

1. First, select your preferred cryptocurrency.

2. Click ‘Pay In Wallet

3. Choose your desired wallet. Wallet Connect supports over +150 wallets.

4. ‘Press Connect’. Your chosen wallet will be connected to our payment window. 

5. Continue with ‘Make Payment’. 

6. Choose ‘Confirm Payment’ in your wallet.

7. Lastly, your payment will be completed!