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Coinify team has grown by 2 – meet Jesper and Joen

Jesper and Joen

Although it might seem that we have been more subtle during the winter holidays, we have in fact had full hands with hiring new personnel. This means even fresher start to 2015, as we gained 2 new core members for our team. And because we do not tend to keep the good news for ourselves, we want to spread the word about Jesper and Joen with you:

Jesper Borgstrup's profile picture

Meet our new programmer Jesper Borgstrup

By hiring Jesper, we have increased our head count with a talented PHP/Python software developer as a part of our tech team. Jesper joins Coinify to assist in the development of highly secure and successful software systems to trade and process bitcoins.

Jesper entered Coinify at the beginning of January, fresh after concluding his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from University of Copenhagen with a master thesis on a protocol for decentralised voting based on blockchain technology. We enjoy his shared interest for cryptocurrency applications, demonstrated effective programming skills and a great team input


Joen Seider's profile picture

Joen Seider becomes Coinify’s new system administrator

Joen is our new Tech team member overseeing that the systems and network are running correctly. A must for every online business.

Joen’s first experience with Bitcoin dates back to 2013: “A friend working with Bitcoin awoke my interest and a few months later, we were presenting his Bitcoin products at a Bitcoin conference in San José, Califonia. With me being a man of systems and networking, of course it ended up with me joining in the bitcoin business,“ he adds.

Joen will put his skills and previous work experience in good use with us as a man responsible for monitoring, maintaining, improving and securing Coinify’s systems.


We would like to welcome our new team members on board!

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