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Welcome onboard – Meet our new CPO Steffen Bilde

Development with an impact

In my view, blockchain technology has the potential for greater innovative solutions than the Internet itself and I would really like to be a part of that.


On the 1st of June, we had the pleasure of welcoming Steffen Bilde as the new CPO of Coinify. We took a moment of his time to ask him a few questions about starting in Coinify and the concept of product excellence.

What was it about Coinify that appealed to you?

– Definitely the leadership! Mark and Hans Henrik are both very professional in their domain and at the same time very trusting. The culture and diversity at the office was also a factor. Coinify’s Danish office employs talents covering more than 30 international backgrounds and I see a great potential to streamline their communication and collaboration structure. Their vision of using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for payments also fits in very well with my own experiences and interests in disruptive products that can change the way we interact. There is an increased need for digital payments as well as payments by other means than just fiat. Blockchain technology is exciting to me as well because there are many potential business models just around the corner.

Based on your background as a developer, why do you think tech and crypto are cool concepts?

– Crypto as a concept is interesting as we continue to move in the direction of a cashless society. Cryptocurrency works exclusively online and is not tied up in a physical asset placed in a safe deposit box, but has been given value and trust. Right now we are in an intermediate stage where we still need to convert our crypto to fiat until crypto achieves a much broader application. In my view, blockchain technology has the potential for greater innovative solutions than the Internet itself and I would really like to be a part of that.

What do you hope to achieve in your new role as CPO?

– My ambition is to make Coinify a product-led and customer-driven organization, where all teams across Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Product etc. get involved in the collaborative process right from the start to ensure product success. The three most important elements are that we all understand the needs of our customers and users, that we all have full insight into the product strategy as well as our short- and long-term objectives, and that all Coinify’s teams are aligned via a coherent strategic product roadmap to foster much better collaboration across.

What is product excellence and how will Coinify’s developers feel the

– Overall, product excellence is a shift in mindset, especially within the management team. Where the IT department previously functioned as an ‘internal delivery unit’ that served the business, it will now serve the customers, while securing business value at the same time. Engineers can now use their coding skills as well as their tech knowledge. I want to equip them with a strategic context. They will know exactly where the company is going as it is manifested in the product objectives instead of in pre-defined solutions. The management team should no longer have to suggest the solutions, but rather put emphasis on communicating current focus, goals and problems, and engaging the entire team. Then, it is up to the empowered product teams, consisting of product managers, engineers, product designers and UX’ers to find the best possible solutions that meet the desired outcome.

What can a company achieve with this focus?

– It will create a greater product success rate because we will focus on building the right products instead of measuring success by the amount of features being deployed – Sadly that is the reality for ‘feature-factories’. We will also see a greater degree of innovation and collaboration driven by the product-led culture change as the product teams are equipped with the strategic context and deep customer insights, and the rest of the Coinify team has insight into the product roadmap and the reasoning behind.

Is being “customer-driven” a shift or a supplement?

– It is a radical shift. It gives the management an opportunity to ask if the company’s projects create the desired value that matches their objectives for the fiscal quarter, year, etc. and it ultimately creates customer value.

You have previously worked with strategy in Dixa. What experiences do you take with you from one growth company to another?

– First of all the necessity of a product strategy when a product organization expands and establishes more product teams to ensure alignment towards mutual goals.
When I started in Dixa, the size of the development department was around the same size as Coinify’s department is now, and I have observed several of the same symptoms. It all comes down to the understanding of what a product strategy is and the job it is supposed to solve.
The greatest learning I have taken with me in my new role at Coinify is the ability to solve the problems occurring in the product strategy work. Here, methods, responsibility, and feedback loops are among the most pressing themes. Everyone has to know what og how a product strategy is made and it needs clear ownership, whether it exists on portfolio or product level. Without regular feedback loops for evaluating the strategy, it will be impossible to navigate and we would more often see a tendency to fall back into short-term tactical initiatives.

As a new employee – how do you see Coinify’s products?

– The team has clearly made a smart and differentiating platform and made some intelligent design decisions in terms of trade and payments. Right now, we need to find out if Coinify’s product offerings are hitting too many segments at the same time compared to what we have the capacity for at the moment. We also need to identify which product offerings to double down our efforts on and I look forward to diving into that.

What role do you think crypto and crypto products are going to play in society?

– I think it will become a standard to embed trust in the online communication infrastructure in the future, because it will simply be too expensive in error and unnecessary intermediaries not to include this layer. Privacy already plays a big role and that is not going to change in the future. As a result, Apple has phased out cookies and other browsers are now following suit. However, companies still need to achieve the same results and must invent new ways of working via anonymised and encrypted data, meaning that blockchain technology will play a significant role.

In which direction do you see Coinify go within the next few years?

– Coinify is running forward with the adoption of cryptocurrency for online payment and trading. Like all other online brands these years, it is those who win the customer experience part who win the market – and Coinify will be no exception.

If you want to learn more about life at Coinify or apply for a position – then head over to our open positions page