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Countr POS Partners with Coinify to Bring Blockchain Payments to its Merchants

New partnership will strengthen global blockchain payments adoption


(May 11, 2017, Amsterdam) – Countr POS, a Dutch provider of a tablet based point of sale software for small to medium-sized businesses, announces a strategic partnership with Coinify, leading European blockchain payment and trading service provider. This partnership allows Countr POS to offer a wider variety of alternative payments for their retailers.

Countr POS, which enables businesses to track sales in real time and manage inventories, will be able to offer blockchain payments on the point of sale through the established partnership with Coinify. Owing to Countr POS’s extensive customer base of over 3000 merchants worldwide, this partnership is anticipating to expand blockchain currency payment processing among retailers and stimulate the overall blockchain payments adoption.


“We are alCountr POS partners with Coinify Jon Stauntonways happy to take the advantage of new payment technologies and help our merchants to improve their businesses. Blockchain is expected to be one of the major payment trends in the upcoming years and we are excited to integrate it to our POS system. We chose Coinify as our preferred blockchain payment service provider because of their versatility of services. Coinify supports 14 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and offers payouts in local currencies, which represents a win-win situation for Countr POS and our merchants”, said John Staunton, Co-founder and CEO of Countr POS. 



“Coinify Countr POS partners with Coinify Morten Bebeis on a mission to spread the use of digital currencies by offering everyone the opportunity to use alternative payments methods and accept blockchain currency payments. I am thrilled to see that with Countr POS we are succeeding in expanding blockchain payments in both online and offline environments,” said Morten Bebe, Sales Manager at Coinify.



The integration of blockchain payments in the Countr POS’s point of sale app will help increase profit margins for buyers, retailers and ultimately Countr POS. In addition, blockchain payments are more transparent (no charge-backs), secure, and instant, which brings new business opportunities for payment service providers such as Countr POS. Countr POS will be releasing its new version of the app on June 1st, which will include the blockchain payment method. However, retailers can already request the beta release to get the first-hand of the integration.


About Countr POS

Countr POS partners with CoinifyCountr POS provides a complete retail solution for small to medium-sized retail stores, cafes, and restaurants. The point of sale app, that is optimized for both iOS and Android tablets, enables retailers to make transactions, manage inventories, and perform in-depth store analysis. Countr POS serves businesses within all industries, including food trucks, pop-up stores, and market stalls, within a single location or many.

The Amsterdam-based company was founded in 2014 and currently has over 3000 registered merchants in 115 countries. Countr has been expanding its payment partners, allowing retailers to easily integrate with various payment providers, including Adyen, Worldline, SumUp, iZettle, Payleven, SEQR, Payconiq, and YodoPAY.

For more information about Countr POS, please visit our website or our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn).


About Coinify

Countr POS partners with CoinifyCoinify ApS operates as a blockchain payment service provider (bPSP) with focus on extending blockchain currency payment processing and trading services to merchants and consumers respectively. Coinify serves global Payment Service Providers, online businesses, physical shops, and individuals. Coinify is a dominant player on the European market and is continuously expanding into Asian and global markets. Coinify also established the ‘Innovation Lab’ to build various blockchain-based Proof-of-Concepts for financial institutions (such as Nets).

The company incorporated in 2014 and is backed by a multi million dollar injection from SEED Capital Denmark, SEB Venture Capital and Accelerace. With experience in working with digital currencies since 2010, the Coinify team has strong backgrounds in payments, finance, risk, e­-commerce, and compliance areas. The company won the Finance Digest Brand of Excellence for ‘Electronic Payment Solution;’ the IFM Award for ‘Best Electronic Payment Solution;’ the GBAF Award for ‘Best Payment Solutions Provider’ and was elected part of the ‘European FinTech Top 100.’



Image credits: Coinify and Countr POS

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