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Important Customer Alert: Don’t Get Tricked by Phone Scammers


Dear customers,

We have been made aware that some fraudsters are making phone calls pretending to be Coinify staff. These phone scammers offer the possibility of buying company shares or to make quick investments with credit cards.


Please note that Coinify does not provide phone support. And that in the event of an exceptional phone call, Coinify employees will never ask you to initiate any financial transaction (in crypto or fiat currency).

We suggest that you stay cautious about any suspicious calls that pretend to be made by Coinify staff. It is important that you do not to make any transactions or share your payment information in such situation. Coinify will not be liable for any loss resulting from such transactions, as these are made with the consent of the card or bank account holder.

However, if you received one of those calls, please be careful. If you wish to buy or sell bitcoin, contact our support specialists here.


Best regards,

Coinify Team