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Join us as an Intern in our Customer Communication and Success team

Guide our customers in the world of Blockchain Payments

Coinfy is the largest European Blockchain currency broker and payment processor. We have two platforms where we offer two different services:

  1. Merchant Platform: Where Merchants from all over the world can sign up and enable their customers to pay with Bitcoin and other Blockchain currencies and be paid out in Bitcoin or fiat currency of their choice directly to their bank account.
  2. Trade Platform: Where individuals worldwide can buy and sell bitcoins. There are two options to buy with card payment (globally) or with bank transfer (which is limited for EU/SEPA residents).


Currently we are rapidly growing and our customer base is expanding as well. Therefore, we need to gear up our Customer Communication and Success team with a new team member who is cheerful and emphatic and who can be our customer’s Support Coach and Happiness Hero.


What you will be doing:

  • Guiding our customers by providing product and service information.
  • Keeping track on incoming support requests: organising them by assigning them to the appropriate department, replying to most of them and making sure that the more specific ones are forwarded to the appropriate departments and answered in a timely manner.
  • Answering short incoming questions on our live chat.
  • You will need to become an expert in all aspects of Coinify services and know how they can be applied in various user cases.
  • Writing articles for our knowledge base.
  • Creating product and service related written content for our website, newsroom and social media platforms.
  • As you will be one of the first to meet our customers you will be representing our values in polite and professional manner.


The skills we value and search for:

  • Clear communication skills and excellent written skills in English
  • Ability to use positive language
  • Very good listening skills – being attentive and patient
  • Strong Problem solving skills
  • Great organisation skills – ability to keep an overview over your tasks and prioritise
  • Skillful in multitasking
  • Strong personal drive and willingness to learn
  • Broader understanding of finance and technology is welcomed



Apply by sending the following to [email protected]  by Tuesday 6 September 2016:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • University grades or honours degrees which may strengthen your profile and show us that that you are specially special 😉
  • Link to LinkedIn profile and recommendations from previous employer or educational institution if available


Image credit: Soniachat8

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