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Dash Integrates With Coinify, Available At Over Tens of Thousands New Merchants

Partnership Brings Dash Into The Coinify Payments Solution, inWallet Trading, and myCoinify Platform


Scottsdale, Ariz. — October 8, 2019 — Dash, the top digital currency for payments and e-commerce, today announced its integration with Coinify, a global digital currency services provider. Through this partnership, Dash will be available within several of Coinify’s products — including its payments, wallet trading and myCoinify offerings — expanding Dash’s reach to tens of thousands of merchants in over 70 countries.

“This integration will make Dash more accessible by making it easy to buy and share Dash via products for individuals, merchants and developers,” said Jan Heinrich Meyer, CEO and founder of Dash Embassy. “This is another important step towards the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency.”

“We welcome Dash into our virtual currency payment suite. Dash’s features that support its real-world usage make it a perfect fit to integrate into the Coinify ecosystem,” said Mark Højgaard, Co-founder and CEO of Coinify. “We believe in mainstreaming digital currencies for payments and are deeply aligned with Dash’s mission to support the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency for payments by providing an easy and secure user experience.”


Dash will be integrated into the following compliant Coinify products:

Coinify Payments

Dash will now be a supported currency on Coinify Payments, which allows merchants to accept virtual currencies and receive payouts in their preferred local currencies. Coinify Payments offers merchants a comprehensive, flexible and secure payment processing solution, which now supports Dash payments. 

Coinify inWallet Trading 

Dash will now be a supported currency through Coinify’s full-service, compliant and scalable wallet trading API. Coinify supports buying and selling cryptocurrencies inside more than 35 million wallets across the globe. 

Coinify Invoices

With Coinify Invoices customers of merchants and service providers can pay invoices with Dash and other leading virtual currencies. Coinify automatically converts and settles the invoice amount in fiat currency.


This wallet-independent platform provides individuals and corporates with secure and simple entry into the virtual currency space. myCoinify will now support Dash, opening the currency to a new audience and expanding the platform’s roster of accepted digital currencies.



As a result of the partnership, all current and future Coinify customers and partners across the globe will be able to accept and process Dash transactions, reducing onboarding time and empowering them with one of the top cryptocurrencies for payments and e-commerce today.



About Dash:

Dash is digital cash designed to offer financial freedom to everyone. Dash allows millions of individuals across the globe to carry out instantly re-spendable and secure transactions, with near-zero fees. Built to support real-life use cases, Dash is the leading decentralized payment solution: it is accepted at thousands of merchants globally, accessible via hundred ATMs and dozens exchanges worldwide. Dash has pioneered groundbreaking features including: two-tier network with incentivized nodes and decentralized project governance (Masternodes), instantly settled payments (InstantSend), instantly immutable blockchain (ChainLocks), and optional privacy (PrivateSend). The Dash Network’s development is supported by Dash Core Group, the largest organization funded by the Dash Treasury, which supports and nurtures the continued worldwide development and integration of Dash. For more information, visit or follow the organization on Twitter @DashPay.



About Coinify:

Coinify is a global virtual currency payment service provider boasting over 35 million wallet integrations and a reach of 100,000 merchants globally offering two-way virtual currency conversion services for businesses and individuals. Our approach allows our partners and customers to embrace the world of virtual currencies in a compliant, secure and regulated manner. Among numerous recognitions Coinify has been named Fintech Europe’s Top 100, National Winner in the Nordic Startup Awards, and has won Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Award twice as well as the EWPN 2019 Diversity Award. Coinify is a veteran in the virtual currency industry and is backed by leading European VCs and SEB Ventures. Coinify’s Payment Suite is the easiest, hassle-free way to start offering crypto payments at checkout and still receiving standard currency settlements. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn: