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Deloitte Finans Agenda 2016: How does a blockchain company navigate in an unregulated environment?


How and why would a company go beyond the existing legal frameworks and choose to self-regulate?

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Come to Finans Agenda 2016 and learn from our CFO Peter Nordgaard on how Coinify address the challenges a business, built on nascent technology operating within the traditional financial environment, face. Peter’s keynote titled “Financial and legal regulation – that is something we manage ourselves” starting at 11:20 is worthwhile insight and is not to be missed.


Longer version of the interview can be found here:

Introducing Finans Agenda 2016

The financial sector is undergoing many changes with digitization processes, which are both driving companies’ need for maintaining competitiveness and also creating development opportunities of new competences.

Coinify CFO speaking at Finans Agenda 2016Finans Agenda 2016 is organised by Deloitte and will set focus on several aspects of digitization of business processes in Denmark. How does one adapt to the digital reality? Can Denmark keep up with the global development? Which digital trends are going to be dominant within Financial Services? These questions and more will be addressed during Finans Agenda 2016.

Finans Agenda takes place in Copenhagen on September 7th. You can view the full agenda and register for the event at at this link.



Image credits: Deloitte

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