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Denmark Leading the Way in the Adoption of Blockchain Payments

As a region, the Nordics is viewed as front-runners in digital adoption and fintech innovations. Denmark, in particular, has often shown a will to adopt new technologies in both private businesses and government infrastructure. Now, the country leads the way once again with 4 of the most significant Danish Payment Gateways enabling blockchain payments for their merchants. Yourpay, Quickpay, Gate2Payments and PensoPay have all chosen the Coinify platform to allow businesses and individual users with easy access to payments with virtual currencies.


blockchain paymentsAt Coinify, there is naturally a great sense of satisfaction with the new partnerships, which gives holders of virtual currencies, better opportunities to spend these when shopping online. “In our ongoing efforts to spread the adoption and use of blockchain based payments globally, it is always with great pride that we can announce new partnerships with payment gateways. Being a Danish company it comes naturally to us, to engage in the local community and to implement our vision in Denmark and the Nordics in general. Thus, these partnerships give tremendous value both for Coinify, our Partners and private consumers” says Coinify Key Account Manager Mark Nevers.


Blockchain technology paves the way for digitalisation. Denmark, as well as the whole of Scandinavia, is actively moving towards going cashless and realise its attempts to become one of the first “cashless” societies in the world.  The majority of the day to day transactions are already happening through digital wallets, credit/debit cards, and mobile payment apps.  


To embrace the use of digital currencies seems to be a natural progression and Danish innovators are becoming the driving forces of blockchain payments adoption not only on the local but also on the global scene. Thomas Jensen, CEO of one of the major gateways in Denmark, QuickPay, expects more people to start using digital currencies as means of payment. “As one of the leading Danish Payment Gateway we always try to be on the front foot with new payment technologies and to have a highly diversified portfolio of payment methods. We believe that the blockchain technology will play a major part in the future of payments and that the interest will keep rising, creating more demand for merchant’s which support blockchain currencies as a payment method. Besides meeting this demand, while keeping it business as usual, our partnership with Coinify allows us to engage and familiarize ourselves with blockchain technology and digital currencies at an early stage in its overall adoption”.


The newly established Coinify partnerships with Yourpay, QuickPay, Gate2Payments and PensoPay, is a testament to the Danish interest in and willingness to adopt new technologies and will provide thousands of Danish, Scandinavian and European merchants with the opportunity to expand their alternative payment method portfolio by accepting popular virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.


blockchain paymentsThe use of these currencies as payment method gives advantages both for the merchant accepting them and the private consumers, as Gate2Payments COO Ulrik Pilehave describes it: “At Gate2Payments, we constantly look for new ways we can improve our services and offers for our clients. In this regard, it’s important for us that Coinify does not only support Bitcoin but a wide range of the most popular blockchain currencies in the market. The underlying technology is interesting, and as a payment method, blockchain has some significant upsides compared to other schemes. The ease, safety and comfort it brings to the customers, appeals to us and makes it a natural choice to jump onboard and be part of its development in the payment space.”

Yourpay COO Simone Chimera and PensoPay CEO Pierre Rindsig also see the significance of blockchain payments in a dynamic payment-industry. “Being a young dynamic payment start-up we share a lot of values with Coinify. Yourpay wants to make it possible for merchants to be more independent and free of subscriptions and high costs when choosing a payment solution. We believe in transparency, and by enabling blockchain payments through Coinify, it allows us to include alternative payment methods that fit perfectly with these core values” said Simone Chimera of Yourpay. Pierre Rindsig of PensoPay explains: “As consumers, we expect convenience when buying online, and with blockchain payments, Coinify adds to the convenience of online shopping. Merchants expect versatile and stable payment solutions, and with Coinify’s technology, PensoPay can deliver even more versatility and stability to all PensoPay merchants.”



blockchain paymentsCoinify CEO and Co-Founder Mark Højgaard sees a steady growth in blockchain payments adoption alongside other business areas. “Despite the skyrocketing growth in our trading of blockchain currencies for investment purposes, we also see steady growth in adoption of blockchain payments. We have noticed an increased interest from merchants and payment gateways especially after the introduction of the new blockchain currency Bitcoin Cash. At the moment we support 15 different blockchain currencies providing versatile services that reach and entice a broad range of customers.“



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Image credits: Wikimedia Commons, Coinify and Gate2Payments

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