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Celebrating Diversity & Building Inclusivity at Coinify

At Coinify, diversity and inclusion are deeply ingrained within the fabric of our company. In fact, one of the core values that we build our identity on is the value of inclusion, which is embodied not just in our services with the provision of financial inclusivity through virtual currencies, but also through our acceptance of talent, partners, and clients from across the globe. This is has been a particularly ambitious path we have carved for ourselves considering that we are one of the oldest blockchain companies the Nordics and we have been successfully operating in an industry notorious for it’s male-dominated and parallel-minded community. Despite these hurdles, the growth we have experienced over the past year is a point of pride for us as we have worked hard to challenge perceptions and build acceptance, which we have achieved despite still being a considered startup. 

In fact, we have even received recognition for our support, promotion, and embracement of diversity and inclusion by being shortlisted for the European Women Payments Network Diversity Award 2018! 


The infographic below highlights the growth we have achieved in the past few months.

coinify diversity infographic

While we have made significant progress over the last year, there is a lot more we can do to increase representation within our company. Not only are we growing our team, but we are looking forward to establishing other initiatives which include developing a strong community of female fintech professionals, empowering our employees from different walks of life to progress in their career, and making Coinify a safe and free space where they can grow to their fullest potential. 


We’ve been shortlisted for the European Women Payments Network Awards for Diversity! Find out more about our nomination here.