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Meet Coinify at Folkemødet 2017

Although blockchain is best know as the technology behind Bitcoin, its potential is constantly increasing and today it is considered as big and revolutionary as internet in its early stage. Blockchain technology creates the needed transparency in the systems that are today compromised by activities such as money laundering and other crime. We have here a solution that can create the future infrastructure of financial services that will be able to handle the challenges we are struggling with today, yet we still do not take advantage of its full potential. Should we get used to the fact that the most common way of making transactions in the future is through blockchain?


On June 15-18, 2017 Coinify CEO and Co-founder Mark Højgaard together with Coinify board member Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer will be participating in Folkemødet as panelists discussing how blockchain technology can be used in order to prevent crime and money laundering.


Coinify CEO and Co-Founder Mark Højgaard will take part in a panel discussion on how the banks can adapt to the digital transformation. If you are interested in blockchain and the future of banking and will be at Folkemødet, make sure to attend the following:

Bankerne – the next Kodak moment? starting at 12:00 on June 16 taking place at H15 Iværksætter Skibet, Bådpladser.

Er blockchain en effektiv kur mod hvidvask? starting at 16:00 on June 16 taking place at L8 Tænketanken, Kirkepladsen.


Coinify Head of Blockchain Innovation Lab Jack Nikogosian will also join for the debate Disruption i det offentlige sektor? starting at 14:00 on June 17 taking place at A25 Danchells Anlæg Eventtelt, Danchells Anlæg.


Do not hesitate to reach out to Coinify blockchain experts at Folkemødet. We look forward to seeing in Bornholm!


About Folkemødet

Folkemødet provides a unique Danish platform with open debates where politics meet citizens, business people and organisations under informal forms. Taking place in the North Bornholm harbour town of Allinge with 25 000 visits per day on average, Folkemødet is a yearly demonstration of open Danish democracy participation. The primary purpose of the Folkemødet is to strengthen democracy and dialogue in Denmark. This is achieved by arranging meetings between business decision makers, interest groups, politicians from the Danish parliament and the EU, municipalities and regions and allowing citizens to participate in the discussions.





Image Credits: Folkemødet

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