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Is the Development Sector the Next to be Disrupted? Tech is Ready to Take Over!

Blockchain offers to deliver rights to the poor and to speed up aid transfers, which is the job description of most development agencies. The technology is currently disrupting the financial sector replacing banks with the code. Will it disrupt the development industry next? Join the report launch of ‘Hack the Future of Development Aid’.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, cryptocurrency exchange Coinify and the think tank Sustainia invite you to the launch of the new study Hack the Future of Development Aid and to learn first-hand from solution providers working with blockchain technology.


Blockchain is one of the most hyped technologies. If you have missed it, you have certainly heard about Bitcoin – a type of digital cash outside the control of banks and governments instead managed by an open and transparent computer network where everyone can participate. Yet printing digital cash is only one way to use the blockchain. Other ways is to give people ownership of their rights and data, which makes blockchain one of the most transformative technologies available today and a promising new tech-tool for development.

Can Blockchain Accelerate Solutions to Reach the Sustainable Development Goals?

Blockchain and other exponential technologies may provide solutions for accelerating the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa have cryptocurrency ecosystems working to re-invent the whole concept of money, and entrepreneurs are re-inventing how rights are delivered using the blockchain. Not to mention how blockchain can help countries leapfrog banking infrastructure to offer new blockchain based avenues to financial inclusion. So far, the world has only scratched the surface of how to apply blockchain.

Time to Hack Aid

Blockchain also has the potential to transform how aid is designed and delivered. Development agencies need to be part of this conversation and experiment hands-on with new fast developing technologies. The methods for delivering aid, for example, can be hacked to fit a rapidly changing world. Denmark has taken the first step in its foreign policy with the announcement of the world’s first tech ambassador. The next step is to apply exponential technologies to help implement development policy.

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Image credits: Sustania and Danida

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