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Meet a Coinify’er: Michaela Beksson – Junior Sales Manager

“After I graduated, I had interviews at another company as well as Coinify. In the end I chose Coinify because of their values like gender equality and the international environment”

Michaela Beksson

Get to meet some of our lovely and hardworking Coinify’ers! We had the pleasure of borrowing a minute of our Junior Sales Manager Michaela Beksson’s time for a quick interview.

Can you tell me a bit about your professional background?

– I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Sales and Marketing and a Masters’ degree in Branding and Marketing from Lund University. In between these degrees I worked in sales at Copenhagen Airport and had a few internships in sales and marketing at World Climate Ltd. Right after I finished my Master’s degree in October 2020, I got the job at Coinify.

Did you have any experience with blockchain technology, crypto currencies or crypto trading platforms before starting at Coinify?

– Not that much but right after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I started looking into crypto and trading and began investing and trading via eToro on a beginner level. After jumping into the world of crypto here at Coinify, I have learned a lot which has been super great! I think I had around 10% crypto knowledge when I started at Coinify.

What aspects of Coinify made you apply for a job here?

– After I graduated, I had interviews at another company as well as Coinify. In the end I chose Coinify because of their values like gender equality and the international environment where English is the corporate language. For me, as a female, it is really important to be in an organisation that prioritises gender equality.

Has working at Coinify lived up to your expectations?

– Yes, it has. It has been superb and I have felt very welcome by the whole team. Everyone was super helpful in the beginning as I didn’t have that much knowledge about crypto, so I had a lot of support from the entire management.

Do you recall any situations where Coinify lived up to their values of inclusion, trust, agility and/or accountability?

– I very much recognize our values in the relationship between us, the Coinify employees, and our partners which is based on accountability and trust. We take care of our partners and always live up to our word. 

What is your personal top 3 of working at Coinify

  1. The international environment
  2. Support and help from my colleagues
  3. The innovative and agile work environment

Almost every company has a set of values. One of Coinify’s core values is diversity. As a foreigner working at a Danish company would you say that Coinify walks the talk or are there areas that need improvement?

– I think Coinify is doing a really good job on that. Half of us come from different countries, have different backgrounds and cultures which is being fully embraced here. I don’t see a difference in being a man or a woman here and expressing your opinion. Maybe this has something to do with the focus on gender equality in Danish culture too. Compared to my own country, Moldova, there is such a different approach to women in the workspace. We have one woman in the management here which is super nice. So, I definitely think that Coinify live up to their values on diversity, multiculturalism and gender equality.

Working at Coinify, do you feel like you are making a difference for the customers

– Yes, mostly in my area which is European gold merchants. I am the one who is looking into this market and I was really encouraged to do that and make changes by our CEO Mark and everyone else has been very supportive.

If you want to learn more about life at Coinify or apply for a position – then head over to our open positions page