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Merchants offer Black Friday deals for those paying with cryptocurrency 

One of the most anticipated events for consumers in the crypto world – Black Friday, is rapidly approaching. It traditionally marks the start of the Christmas shopping season and many brands offer highly promoted sales at discounted prices and often open early, sometimes as early as midnight. 

The tradition around Black Friday for Crypto, began with Bitcoin, as in 2012 one crypto enthusiast organized the first Bitcoin Black Friday, which was aimed to promote cryptocurrency in the community. Initially, it was only Bitcoin Black Friday, however now every altcoin holder can take part in making or considering Black Friday offers in cryptocurrency. 

Although Black Friday is still a few days away, it’s never too early to start preparing for the main event. As more and more brands are starting to accept crypto payments, this marks the perfect time to get involved. E-commerce sales are expected to greatly increase, with a study by Drive Research finding that 69% of shoppers plan to make their purchases online, with only 31% planning to shop in person. Implementing crypto as a payment system for your online store will only have great outcomes for both you and your customers. Crypto payments provide an overall sense of ease to Black Friday, as there are no fraud-related chargebacks, transactions are secured with blockchain technology, and the fees are lower per transaction in comparison to credit card fees. While you wait for all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to drop, check available crypto offers for your Black Friday Shopping.

CDKeys deals for the Black Friday Shopping 

Interested in gaming? This one’s for you. CDKeys specialize in providing the best digital codes for the hottest games. There’s no need to pay full price or wait for a game again. CDKeys combine the lowest prices with rapid digital delivery, so you can start playing your favourite games, fast. With 20 years of combined industry experience, CDKeys prioritise their customers and highlight their mutual passion for gaming through their innovative service. You can purchase all your favourite games and memberships using cryptocurrencies. They currently accept over 16 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, accessible to purchase on their website where cryptocurrency payment services are provided by Coinify. 

The CDKeys Black Friday sale is live now! They offer thousands of amazing deals, with up to 97% discount! The deals include PC games, Xbox, Nintendo, and Playstation offers. Please note that CDKeys Black Friday will end on 29th November @4 PM Central European Time. 

We’ve been using Coinify to process Crypto transactions for us for more than a year. We’re pleased with their services, ease of use, a wide selection of cryptocurrencies,  and flexible integration which allows us to provide a fully customised solution for our end users.”

— CDKeys

Philipp Plein deals for the Black Friday Shopping 

Interested to buy exclusive fashion clothing? We got you covered. Philipp Plein is a German fashion designer, and the founder of the Philipp Plein International Group, which includes the Philipp Plein, Plein Sport, and Billionaire Brands. The luxury brand, Philipp Plein, will be collaborating with us this Black Friday, providing a great opportunity for those leaning toward grabbing the best luxury retail deals. In an interview with Bloomberg, designer Philipp Plein stated that in 2021, crypto payments accounted for 3% of Plein’s approximately 200 million euros online revenue. Philipp Plein currently accepts over 24 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, accessible for purchases made in selected countries in their boutiques and in their The transactions are accomplished via Coinify’s efficient system, providing a simple platform to facilitate the transaction.

Philipp Plein Black Friday Sale is on now! Discover the Black Friday deals on, and

Philipp Plein will be offering an additional 10% OFF on crypto payments starting from Black Friday!

Looking to accept crypto as a business? 

Cryptocurrencies are a promising addition, providing unparalleled benefits to consumers and merchants, especially on occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when people are usually on the lookout for massive discounts. It’s a win-win situation for both sides as this day benefits retailers and consumers alike. It has become a global phenomenon, trailing into every form of business and in this case, a lot of times companies will look for efficient solutions for their business, where integration is fast and easy.

Coinify offers to send cryptocurrency payments whereas as a merchant partner, you can integrate Coinify’s web-based platform to accept cryptocurrency at no cost as a business. Coinify Payment Solutions allow you to accept virtual currencies without having to hold any virtual currency yourself while getting payouts in your preferred local currencies. We will personally walk you through the setup to ensure you can send invoices and accept payments right away. When you use Coinify, our platform automatically converts and settles over 25+ cryptocurrencies into your preferred fiat currency with a hassle-free, secure and compliant payment method.

There are no service charges for you, which means that you will always receive the full invoice amount. We offer easy payouts in the most preferred local fiat currencies. We are risk-free and we guarantee fraud-proof payments. Coinify has users in 180+ countries and 45.000+ merchant signups.

Interested in offering virtual currency payment options? Reach out!

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