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Why do more merchants opt for accepting Bitcoin payments?

Merhcants and bitcoin

The recent Bitcoin value fluctuations do not seem to affect merchants’ decision to accept Bitcoin payments in a significant way. Furthermore, the number of merchants adopting the Bitcoin payment option is steadily growing with every day around the world.

Among the advantages behind the decision to adopt the Bitcoin system, low transaction fees and better security compared to credit card payments stand out as the most common arguments.

At the same time, the merchants are aware that by accepting digital currency payments for their products or services, the pool of their potential customers increases in size.

Two additional positive signals are being sent out: First, adding a new payment option brings customers more freedom in choosing their preferred means of payment; and second, the openness and readiness to implement the latest technical innovation demonstrates the merchants’ ability to keep up with the times.

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If you are more visual, have a look at this comprehensive visualization on Bitcoin adoption in the retail industry by Intuit:

An infographic about bitcoin and its potential.

View the full-size image here.

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