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Update: New Features for Customer Support

At Coinify, we care deeply about our customers’ experience on our site and we have been working hard on updates to provide a more seamless customer journey.

Here are some of the latest customer support tools that have been rolled out over the past few months to help you have a more successful Coinify experience.

Help Center Upgrade


coinify customer support help center

Our Help Center is an integral element of customer support and should be your main resource for any question you have about our services, which is why we have improved the site’s interface for easier navigation.

We have given the front page of the site a well-deserved face-lift. Topics are now separated into clear categories based on our services, making it easier to find information based on your issue. Explore the different topics for in-depth articles on common issues, or for speedy results, simply search for the keyword to your query.

For more urgent cases, you can select the “Start a conversation” link at the top right corner, where you can submit a support ticket based on the area that best fits your query.

Check out the new help center here.

Messenger Support

And while we are on the subject of the Help Center, have you noticed this little feature that we’ve just implemented on the site?

coinify customer support messenger

Introducing the new customer support messenger–specially implemented for inquiries about the Trade Platform. You can now interact with our team in real-time during our working hours (09:30-16:30 CEST). Outside working hours though, you can still start a conversation as the team will receive it and send a response once we are back online.

If you happen to leave the Help Center and miss our reply, we will email you instead and you can continue the thread there; you also have the option to return to the Help Center to resume the conversation. In addition, this great new tool previews your recent chat messages and recent/relevant articles from the Help Center that you can review for answers first before asking a question.

Since customers can preview and continue communication threads with our team without having to submit multiple tickets, this will also improve the response times on our side because every ticket submission is a new case, and having numerous tickets by the same person will require the support team to put in extra time and effort into researching the different cases.

Messenger support is available on the Coinify Help Center. Look out for the chat box on the bottom right corner of the page.

coinify customer support messenger tab

*Note that the messenger is only for inquiries related to the Trade Platform.




coinify customer support video


We have prepared video tutorials to help guide new users on the Coinify Trade Platform through the process of buying and selling bitcoin. The videos provide a clear, guided walk-through of the whole transactional process from the perspective of you, the customer. 

You can find these videos in the Help Center section: Coinify Trade – Buy & Sell category, under the headline: Video Guides.

Watch the video guides here.


Coinify Status


coinify customer support video


@CoinifyStatus is Coinify’s official Twitter account for customer announcements and status updates. Social media is a fast and effective way for us to amplify information to a large audience, so we have decided to dedicate this Twitter account to informational posts for our customers. We will be posting weekly updates on our services on the page and these updates will include helpful articles on common customer issues and information on the flows you experience when using our platform.

It is important to be aware that this Twitter account is just for updates and information, and is not meant to be another query submission channel. To protect you and your personal data, any support-related tweets to this account will be directed instead to our Help Center.

For fast updates and answers to FAQs, follow @CoinifyStatus here.




Image Credits: Coinify

Got a question for our customer support team? Visit our Help Center for guides, articles, alerts, and assistance for all your issues, or follow @CoinifyStatus for quick customer updates.