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Meet Sameer Ismail – Coinify’s Chief Risk Officer

Sameer Ismail Joins Coinify to Raise the Bar on All Matters of Risk and Compliance.

Coinify has recently experienced a growth spurt where we have welcomed a talented group of experts from various industries to join our team and help grow our company’s breadth of experience and knowledge. One of these more recent hires is Sameer Ismail, who holds the role of Chief Risk Officer at Coinify.


Having been recruited from the UK to join our team in Denmark, Sameer is helping us navigate the special breed of virtual currency-specific regulations that are being developed within the European markets. Alongside the incoming policies are the rising interest of banks on the technology, and Sameer has the knowledge to help drive Coinify towards being fully compliant with the various policies and procedures that follow these developments.


Sameer Ismail“I was impressed by the board and management team’s relentless drive to establish a culture of Compliance. Coinify’s pursuit of collaboration with financial institutions and governmental bodies in shaping and preemptively adhering to regulation is evidence that Compliance and a culture of risk management are core values for the organsation,” commented Sameer on his new role.


Sameer is an authority in the areas of risk, compliance and data protection within the banking and payments industry. His experience is on a global scale and some of his more notable career points include his roles in the UK as a Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) at Google and Coinfloor (the UK’s largest Bitcoin exchange), and later the Fintrax Group. Prior to Coinify, he was also a senior analyst at Lloyds Banking Group and the AML Monitoring, Financial Intelligence Unit, Schemes Compliance Programs Lead at Worldpay. Additionally, he has experience in the Middle East as the Head of Compliance for Mashreq Bank in Qatar.


“With the areas of banking and blockchain beginning to merge, we needed an expert with a fully-equipped arsenal of experience within both industries,” said Coinify CEO and Co-Founder Mark Højgaard. “By sourcing talent like Sameer from abroad, we are not only getting more DNA from the banking and payments industry on our team, but we are also demonstrating the strong value we place on finding the most qualified experts to support our service,” Mark added.


Thus far in his career at Coinify, Sameer has been working to provide structure and advisory to the crucial areas of data protection and financial crime for the company, as well as being Coinify’s point-of-contact with crucial regulatory bodies such as The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet), and Coinify’s external counsel, Kammeradvokaten. There are plans for his representation of Coinify in cooperation with other intergovernmental bodies in the near future.


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