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Surviving on Bitcoin, Final Part: He did it!


Bitcoin month is over

The goal of the experiment that Jack Nikogosian set his mind to was to find out how long can he could get with using Bitcoin exclusively. This digital currency challenge running for the entire month of March has shown that it is feasible to both survive and have fun when you use Bitcoin as the only payment method.


Bitcoin Jack's excited twitter post about surviving and thriving using only bitcoin.



To sum up, Jack has persuaded his employer to pay him salary in Bitcoin, as well has his landlord to accept the rent in Bitcoin. Most of the meals were purchased from takeaway portal, which in comparison to regular supermarkets accepts crypto-currency payments at over 800 restaurants, fast-food places and kiosks. Naturally, the challenge involved some problems to resolve, the greatest one being no option to use public transport. So, Jack got his bike fixed and biked 15 kilometers to work. On the rainy days, he managed to talk his colleague into giving him a lift for Bitcoin reimbursement.

Jack’s verdict: “I can definitely survive on Bitcoin, but it was different from my normal lifestyle, due to the things I had to omit this month.”

New souvenir

Do you recall the mention of a local tattoo studio accepting Bitcoin payments? In the last days of the experiment, Jack paid a visit to the Copenhagen-based Tatto-Liz, where he got a new tattoo of …

A neon sign of a question mark


… what other than …


An outlin of a bitcoin tattoo for Bitcoin Jack


… Bitcoin!

“I was originally considering getting a tattoo of a QR code with my public wallet address to receive Bitcoin payments,” said Jack, “but the fact that the success rate of tattooed bitcoin wallets is very low stopped me from doing so. I have chosen to get a circular and tilted Bitcoin logo instead”, (a standard symbol in the industry). “My new tattoo symbolises freedom, innovation and technology – the things that I love” he added.


Bitcoin Jack showing his new bitcoin tattoo on his right arm.



Dramatic increase in Bitcoin-bars in Copenhagen

As Elías Christian Lundström wrote in the concluding article at Version2:

“Today, 47 shops in Denmark accept Bitcoin, compared to the 35 as of 1st March according to Coinmap.”

Coinmap is the most used cryptocurrency map answering the question Where to spend my bitcoins? for Bitcoin users around the world.

At first, Jack had to refuse his friends’ invitations for going out for movies or a drink, but he had successfully seized the opportunity and turned this situation into his advantage. The shop owners he approached showed a great deal of willingness to help Jack with achieving his goal and integrated with Bitcoin payments. However, it was not only the sympathy for Jack making the shop-owners accept Bitcoin payments. All new Coinify merchants and their bitcoin acceptance have been promoted on the Twitter account designated to the experiment. Participation in the Copenhagen Bitcoin Pub Crawl served as a great occasion to promote their own bar and attract yet another target group.

More e-shops accepting Bitcoin!

Since the pub crawl, which we have covered in the previous blog update, several more businesses embraced Bitcoin payments. We would like to introduce you to 2 big online merchants that will accept Bitcoin shortly (currently in beta):

E-takeaway is a well established online takeaway portal with a wide range of restaurants to order from. Hungry Bitcoin owners can look forward to even greater variety to choose from. You will definitely not starve with Bitcoin.

Huuray! is a provider of digital gift cards across the Nordic region. Get online and mobile gift cards for top brands as iTunes, 7-Eleven, Zalando and many more. The offer is so broad that you can find nearly anything: song download, flower delivery or even a helicopter flight!

Mission accomplished

It has been exciting to follow Jack and his adventures throughout the past month. We at Coinify are all proud of the fact that our colleague had managed to bring this project to a successful end. It was not always a piece of cake, but worth it for the sake of the Bitcoin community.

A delicious bitcoin cake



We hope that these English summaries and Danish coverage at Version2 provided you with useful information and insights. If you happen to have any questions or would like to share similar experiences of your own, you can reach out to Bitcoin Jack at his Twitter profile (@LivingOnCrypto).

And remember, if you are looking for a way to get started with Bitcoin, Coinify is at your service.

Jack Nikogosian has decided to take on a great challenge. This challenge was to cover his daily expenses using solely Bitcoin throughout the month of March.

Danish journalist, Elías Christian Lundström from Version2 had followed Jack’s challenge and documented the process in his articles. We provide the summaries of the articles in English, here on the Coinify newsroom.

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