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Surviving on Bitcoin, Part 1: Getting Started

Jack is on his own with his smart phone

Jack is 24 and lives with his girlfriend in an apartment in Amager. Armed with his bitcoin wallet, Jack will purchase everything this month using solely the digital currency, such as; food, transportation, rent and other commodities.

Bitcoin Jack holding credit cards in one hand and his phone with bitcoin wallet in the other hand.

March will be full of Plan B solutions

“I think, that it will be fun, but also very challenging experiment. Especially the part about figuring out my transportation.” -Jack Nikogosian

Currently, it is not possible for Copenhageners to use public transport or taxi with bitcoin, which makes Jack’s commute to work from Amager to Herlev more difficult.

Jack’s original plan was to cycle the entire route which would take him ca. 1 hour, however the rainy weather has prevented him from this option.

Jack persuaded his colleague to give him a lift instead. Luckily, his colleague has a bitcoin wallet on his phone and Jack will contribute to the lift by sending him his share of the petrol money. However, Jack feels that the solution with the car is not the most cost efficient and is looking into renting an electric bike in the future.

Jack's friend waiting to pick him up.

Where to use bitcoin?

Using Coinmap Jack is able to find around 35 stores in Denmark using bitcoin. For food, Jack is using, the online takeaway service which lists over 850 restaurants that accept bitcoin.

Breakfast is a challenge, but as Jack tends to skip this course its not such a burden. At lunchtime Jack eats at work with the rest of us. Dinner is the easiest bitcoin purchasable meal of the day, and his first dinner was a tasty meal from a restaurant found on

Also, via Jack has found a kiosk where he has been able to purchase a few essentials such as toilet paper and bread.


The food Jack bought with bitcoin.


Paying the rent!

How can I pay the rent? What about my bills?

In this YouTube video, you can see Jack paying his rent and bills to his landlord using bitcoin.

The transaction is immediate and the landlord will receive the money in his bank account in kroner the next morning. This is convenient for the both of them, Jack pays in bitcoin and his landlord receives in Kroner, the local currency.


Jack decided to pay his rent with bitcoin.


What other adventures will Jack have as the days go by? Follow Version2for the original Danish coverage, or for the English updates check outCoinify’s blog.

Jack Nikogosian has decided to take on a great challenge. This challenge is to cover his daily expenses using solely bitcoin throughout the month of March.

Danish journalist, Elías Christian Lundström from Version2 is following Jack’s challenge and is documenting the process in his articles. We will provide summaries of the articles in English, here on the Coinify blog.

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