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Surviving on Bitcoin, Part 2: No Kroner Spent Yet!

Spending and earning bitcoin at the same time

Bitcoin value has increased as its exchange rate kept rising throughout the first days of March. You can see the price rising to the right side of the red line in the chart below, when Jack began his experiment.

Bitcoin price rising in march 2015

Jack’s efforts to survive on bitcoin have created sentiment among his followers, and apart from showing support online, several have donated bitcoin to his public  wallet address.

So it turns out that bitcoin price increase combined with the donations caused Jack to reach the same value he had started with on day 1.


Bitcoin Jack recieves a bitcoin donation from a complete stranger


Troubles with traveling

Traveling is still a problem from Jack, especially in the situations like getting back to Copenhagen after visiting family in the nearby town Holbæk. Through his Twitter profile Bitcoin Jack, Jack has approached DSB (Danish State Railways), the largest train operating company in Denmark connecting Copenhagen area via network of S-trains.

Although this tweet turned into lively discussion between Jack, DSB representatives, Version2 and several supporters of the idea, the train company has insisted to keep cards and cash as their only payment options. At least for now.

Bitcoin Jack wishing he could travel using bitcoin in Copenhagen.

Apart from the pleasant developments, there have been some difficult situations so far, but Jack has always found a way around, resisting to use cash or classic cards. Friday is here and the weekend is coming. What fun things can Jack experience for his bitcoins?

Jack Nikogosian has decided to take on a great challenge. This challenge is to cover his daily expenses using solely bitcoin throughout the month of March.

Danish journalist, Elías Christian Lundström from Version2 is following Jack’s challenge and is documenting the process in his articles. We will provide summaries of the articles in English, here on the Coinify blog.

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