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Surviving on Bitcoin, Part 3: Living Healthier But Seeking More Fun

The experiment

Half-way through the experiment, Jack is still managing to find a way to get through his everyday by using bitcoin as the only form of payment. We are proud of his endurance and want to share a summary of the latest developments with you:


Seven Eleven kiosk


Loosing weight and missing 7-ELEVEN

One of the hardest things for Jack to restrain from are all the snacks and goodies he cannot buy with bitcoin. Especially candy, soda, chips, hotdogs and GoGo Taquitos rank among the top missed items from the chain of convenience stores 7-ELEVEN present at almost every corner in Copenhagen.This is Jack’s weakness, and as he has expressed earlier, he would love to go and get his snacks at the nearest 7-ELEVEN, if only they accepted bitcoins. Will 7-ELEVEN hear him out?


Jack posting he has lost 3kg just by not being able to buy snacks.


On the bright side, it turns out that not being able to snack or take the public transportation have both shown to have positive impact on his health. Bitcoin diet? 🙂


Inviting banner to the Bitcoin Pub Crawl


One thing for sure: if you want to have fun for your bitcoins, you will face some serious limitations. Even in Copenhagen. Take Jack for instance: he had to decline friend’s invitation to see a movie together, as well as several other fun time suggestions.

Thus, Jack decided to take the initiative and counter the shortage of leisure opportunities with Bitcoin. That’s the spirit!

Together with Joosep from Coinify, they spend last Friday helping bars and shops in the town with the Coinify bitcoin payment setup. Not that setup itself is difficult, it is just a nice ritual to be part of. Especially witnessing the shop owners putting the Bitcoin Accepted sticker on the front door glass. The entire action is nicely documented here.

And what is the result of their action in terms of fun? The very first Bitcoin Pub Crawl in Copenhagen!

Listing 8 bars at the moment, each with unique character, participants can look forward to experiencing 8 different atmospheres in 1 night!

Taking the Dubliner Downtown (Ny Østergade) as a starting point is not accidental, as the pub crawlers can make use of the 2-way bitcoin ATM present in the pub’s interior. Alternatively, you can tank up your bitcoin wallet in advance (or practically anytime) with Coinify.


Bitcoin Pubcrawl invitation by Bitcoin Jack on Twitter


Regardless where you get your bitcoin from, make sure to listen to Jack’s advice:

If you will be in Copenhagen this Friday, don’t miss out on this fun and entertaining way to socialize with other Bitcoin enthusiasts. Everyone is welcomed to join and feel free to invite your friends. You can find detailed and up-to-date information on the official Facebook event page.

Warm regards to our friends from #cphftw who included Copenhagen Bitcoin Pub Crawl in their weekly event newsletter!

Oh, and did you know that The Jane, one of the pubs we will visit will re-open after reconstruction the same night? New look and new currency – that calls for celebration!

We look forward to skål (Danish for cheers) and have a fun night out with you!

What happens next?

Did you notice the new sticker with Bitcoin Accepted Here on Tatto-Liz’s studio? That’s right. Now you can get some body art and pay for it in bitcoin. March will pass, but getting a memory that will last forever is something Jack is considering. About this and much more, await update #4.

Jack Nikogosian has decided to take on a great challenge. This challenge is to cover his daily expenses using solely bitcoin throughout the month of March.

Danish journalist, Elías Christian Lundström from Version2 is following Jack’s challenge and is documenting the process in his articles. We will provide summaries of the articles in English, here on the Coinify blog.

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