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Surviving on Bitcoin, Part 4: Copenhagen

Bitcoin Pub Crawl Report

24 days through the bitcoin experiment have already passed, and it seems that Jack is very close to achieve what he had set his mind for – surviving for 30 days using bitcoin as the only form of payment. Before making claims for the future, let us update you with the recent happenings: The Friday fun activity planned and hosted by Bitcoin Jack, the first Copenhagen Bitcoin Pub Crawl.

Get thirsty and join bitcoin pub crawl.

If you have a good command of Danish language, we recommend the article by journalist Elías Christian Lundström, who shared his own event participation experience with the readers at the Danish online news portal Version2. Apart from great storytelling, the article features pictures and videos capturing the atmosphere and demonstrating how the technology works (using bitcoin BTM, making bitcoin transfers). Equally, more pictures can be found at Bitcoin Jack’s Twitter profile @LivingOnCrypto.

The Plan

To reconstruct the event, here is the planned route for the night:

1. The Dubliner Downtown – Ny Østergade 14
2. Toga Vinstue – Store Kirkestræde 3
3. The Jane – Gråbrødretorv 8
4. Bar7 – Studiestræde 7
5. Heidi’s Bier Bar KBH – Vestergade 18A
6. Café Guldhornene KBH – Vestergade 20
7. Musen & Elefanten – Vestergade 21
8. John’s Hotdog Deli – Bernstorffsgade
9. Dupong – Griffenfeldsgade 52

And here are the places visualised on the map.

Double Dubliner Warm-up

A good starting point for the bitcoin pub crawl is to ensure sufficient funds in one’s bitcoin wallet (alternatively setting up a bitcoin wallet). It was decided to start at the Dubliner Downtown, due to the convenience of BTM (or Bitcoin ATM) present in the interior.

The pub-crawlers could be divided into two groups: those operating machine the quickly signalling previous bitcoin experience; and the others, for whom it was clearly their first time, expressed by increased attention to the details and excitement readable from their faces.

Regardless which group, everyone using the BTM shared positive feedback in terms of ease of use with us. We spent the most of the time at this pub, thanks to the fact that some attendees went to the other Dubliner (that also accepts bitcoin) instead.

As the time passed, more people have been showing up, and shortly after 9pm we decided to move on. The number of the participants was fluctuating but an average of 20 is a good estimate.

A group photo from Bitcoin Pub Crawl

You can see part of the crew in the selfie above, that was taken at the bar #3 The Jane, where Lasse from Coinify joined us with his carry-on luggage coming straight from the London conference Payments International, where he spoke about bitcoin.

The type of refreshment consumed has often reflected the place we were at, for instance these great mojitos from Bar7 (#4).


A group of people holding mojitos they bought with bitcoin.

One of the last stops (#7) was Musen og Elefanten, where the guests can get the strong draft beer called Elephant straight from the trunk of an elephant above the bar. Very classic.


A waitress serving the last beer of Bitcoin Pub Crawl

And those with patience and endurance had made it to John’s Hotdog Deli, just by the Copenhagen central station. This was the natmad (midnight snack) that dreams are made of, we concluded. You can try it for yourself, plus at John’s, bitcoins accepted!

The Verdict

All in all, when inquiring about the pub crawl experience from the attendees, we received only positive responses. Many stated that it was a fun way to utilize their bitcoins, and that they would like to meet up again for the next round. So, see you all (and more) at the pub crawl #2? It will be our pleasure.

What will Jack do in the remaining days of the bitcoin month? How will the great social experiment climax? Follow Coinify to find out. And if don’t have the patience to wait for the next pubcrawl and want to try bitcoin yourself, either as a user or for your business, Coinify can get you started.

Jack Nikogosian has decided to take on a great challenge. This challenge is to cover his daily expenses using solely bitcoin throughout the month of March.

Danish journalist, Elías Christian Lundström from Version2 is following Jack’s challenge and  is documenting the process in his articles. We will provide summaries of the articles in English, here on the Coinify blog.

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