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Watch One Month on Bitcoin: A Survival Guide video by Jack Nikogosian – Bitcoin Jack

Meet Bitcoin Jack

Our Account Manager Jack Nikogosian, to many known as Bitcoin Jack, has decided to take on a great challenge – to cover his daily expenses using solely Bitcoin throughout the month of March.

Watch stories like Jack’s on Everyday

After the highly successful experiment, Jack has created a short video to sum up and evaluate his experience in order to share it with other Bitcoin enthusiasts and curious minds around the world. He recorded and uploaded this video to Everyday, an interactive video platform with content by ordinary people for sharing their extraordinary stories. This video platform is a project behind Copenhagen’s documentary film festival CPH:DOX. The platform has completed its 1st day after the official launch on June 24, 2015.

Click on the video to play.

Where else can I find out about Bitcoin Jack?

In order to cover the entire period, Danish journalist Elías Christian Lundström from the IT news portal Version2 followed Jack and reported the on the progress in 8 articles under the label Project Bitcoin. As majority of his writing was done in Danish (apart for this one), we provided summaries of the articles in English here on the Coinify blog. Jack has also created a Twitter account @LivingOnCrypto designated to sharing tweets and pictures about his experiences like the one from Bitcoin pub crawl with his followers. Do you prefer a video? Have a look at this one, where Jack is paying his rent in Bitcoin!



Coinify works towards mainstreaming Bitcoin – we think that going an extra mile is the right thing to do. And sometimes we take an unconventional approach to do that. Jack was there to test for the Bitcoin community the ups and downs of suing Bitcoin as a payment option. His findings are equally useful for improving what Coinify does – to understand the needs of Bitcoin users better and to apply these learning for even smoother onboarding for the new Bitcoin users.

If you find Jack’s story interesting and would like to try Bitcoin on your own, check out Coinify’s website and create a free user profile with us today! If you want to get in touch, please use our contact page. For media, event, investor enquiries and more information about Coinify, please use our Newsroom.