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Will Jack Survive One Month on Bitcoin?

Will Jack Survive One Month on Bitcoin? Follow Jack’s adventure!

Coinify works towards mainstreaming Bitcoin – we think that going an extra mile is the right thing to do. And sometimes we take an unconventional approach to do that. Read about what a daring idea one of us came up with and how it all turned into reality.

A couple of weeks ago, our colleague Jack Nikogosian came up with a special task for himself for the next couple weeks:

Bitcoin Jack holding credit cards in one hand and his phone with bitcoin wallet in the other hand.

“This March, I will volunteer to become a subject of a month-long experiment, where I will have to survive on bitcoin only and still carry on with my everyday life. I promise to find a way to show up at work, not to starve to death, and to manage to have fun as well. I consider this as my part in the bitcoin adoption for the Bitcoin community out there.”

And without much hesitation, Jack has been given green light.

We teamed up with the Danish journalist Elías Christian Lundström, who follows up with Jack and writes articles about his bitcoin adventures on the Version2’s website. To ensure that our international followers can stay up to date with the Coinify experiment, we will provide the updates in English on Coinify blog. Twitter users can get the latest updates from their feed by following @LivingOnCrypto, a profile dedicated solely to this experiment. And for tweeting about the experiment and other social shares, please use #LivingOnCrypto hashtag.

Here are a couple of useful links to follow Jack & his bitcoin adventures:


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Coinify Blog

LivingOnCrypto Twitter Profile

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