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Win Bitcoin at Web Summit 2018 with Coinify! 

Stop by the Coinify booth at Web Summit to win up to €1000 worth of Bitcoin in a game of chance held in collaboration with Abra.

Copenhagen, Denmark (5 November 2018) – Coinify, the leading virtual currency gateway, will be holding a unique game of chance at Web Summit, Europe’s biggest technology conference, whereby attendees will have the opportunity to win hundreds of Euros worth of Bitcoin, alongside a grand prize of €1000. The game will be held in collaboration with Coinify’s latest wallet partner, Abra, the first and only all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet and exchange.

Coinify has been selected to exhibit on Wednesday, November 7 in Web Summit’s GROWTH Track under the Fintech category and this novel game of chance will be held on-site at their designated booth number G 116. The game will be executed through a digital roulette-style wheel mechanism labeled with various amounts of Euros. Prerequisites for participation involves attendees having to download an Abra Wallet and like the Coinify Facebook page before they get a chance to spin the wheel and win the amount they land on. The lucky winners will have their prizes deposited into their Abra wallets on the day.

“We are on a mission to spread the adoption of virtual currencies using Bitcoin as a starting point,” said Mark Højgaard, co-founder and CEO of Coinify. “We’re holding this game because we want attendees to directly handle and interact with virtual currencies, and Web Summit is the ideal platform to demonstrate this as it will be where digital enthusiasts from all across the globe gather to learn and explore new technology. We’re looking forward to giving people a hands-on experience of the future of payments and we couldn’t have selected a better partner than Abra to help us to do so.”

This year’s Web Summit will be a four-day event taking place in Lisbon, Portugal. The conference is set to host over 70,000 attendees from over 170 countries including 1,200 speakers.

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