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Year in review: 2015 has been fast and exciting for Coinify (part 1)

This is the first part of our year in review. See the second part here.

Reflecting on the past 365 days’ events is something we all tend to do after a New Year dawns – how far did the journey take us, what were our accomplishments and which setbacks occurred. With 2015 behind us and already galloping into 2016, it is a perfect time to take a peek at the Coinify memory lane. And what better than to share the highlights and challenges with you!


Our customer’s success stories

We place customers at the heart of everything we do. Customer satisfaction is a key driver for our business.

This is why we have reached out to two of our customers, asking them to share their experiences using Coinify services with you:


Meet Coinify merchant Queal

Queal provides a simple solution to good nutrition by offering a tasty shake that provides a nutritionally complete meal and takes little effort to prepare. Read more about Queal here. Floris Wolswijk, Co-founder & CEO of Queal has contributed with their experiences of using Coinify: “Installing Coinify was a seamless experience and requested us to deliver the right amount of security information without being of much inconvenience. The online dashboard works as one can expect and we get notified when payments are confirmed. Everything integrates with Woocommerce and customers that order via Coinify will have their Queal shipped the same day.”

We also wanted to know, how Queal’s customers feel about having the option to pay in bitcoin: “Customers are very open to using the latest and most technologically advanced ways of paying. Bitcoins, via Coinify, are one way that allows our customers, who are mostly technically savvy, to use new technologies. Bitcoins are still very unpredictable and at Queal we like that Coinify processes it back to euros so we don’t have to take any of the risks.” Queal’s bitcoin paying customers come mainly from Croatia, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands. Although Bitcoins comprise a small percentage of the payments at Queal, Floris expressed optimism about this number increasing

in 2016, as he expects “bitcoins to become more mainstream, also because the blockchain will be used more widely.”

Floris Wolswijk, co-founder of Queal

“Coinify is a great way to get paid in Bitcoin. The service is great and allows us to serve our customers in every way they want.”



We have previously shared with you how Hungry, online food takeaway and delivery company connecting over 1000 restaurants all over Denmark has benefited from accepting bitcoin payments (link). This past year Hungry has successfully managed to expand their services by adding 2 new markets: Ireland and Holland. This accounts for more than 3000 restaurants in 3 countries that you can now order from using Hungry.

We have asked Rune Risom, the Managing Director of to share his thoughts about overall satisfaction with Coinify’s services on all fronts: “In Hungry Group we have embraced bitcoin payments in our three markets and with the help of Coinify it’s been a painless process to implement and operate. We see increasing margins from receiving bitcoins as it eliminates the risk of fraudulent payments.”

Rune Risom, Managing Director of


Growth and expansion

2015 was characterized by growth in many different ways.

Our team has expanded so rapidly that already in February it was time to find a larger office. We have happily settled down at our new location in Herlev – have a look at the moving post!

Using well combined various strategies has allowed us to grow beyond our home country’s borders on a larger scale. Coinify Trade expanded into more European countries in May, providing 500 million people residing in the SEPA supported region easier access to the world of digital currencies. On the Merchant side, partnerships with a number of payment service providers (PSPs) has been in strong development, and has played an important part our our goal to make digital currency merchant processing solutions available to more businesses globally. We will mention some of our partners offering their network of customers digital currency payments via Coinify: PensoPay, Webteh, EuroPayment Services, Hello Markets, DigixGlobal, Payssion … Another very significant milestone has been the acquisition of a competing bitcoin payment processor Coinzone. With the addition of Coinzone’s customers and network, Coinify’s position as the leading European digital currency platform was strengthened further!


Throughout 2015, we have had the pleasure of welcoming hundreds of actively engaged new blockchain technology adopters at Coinify. What an amazing year it has been!

This Year In Review post has featured our expansion and customer success stories. You can read more about the service improvements, newsroom, events and awards that 2015 brought in the post Year in review (part 2).

Image credits: Queal, Hungry, Coinify.

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