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Year in review: 2015 has been fast and exciting for Coinify (part 2)

This is the second part of our year in review. See the first part here.

Reflecting on the past 365 days’ events is something we all tend to do after a New Year dawns – how far did the journey take us, what were our accomplishments and which setbacks occurred. With 2015 behind us and already galloping into 2016, it is a perfect time to take a peek at the Coinify memory lane. And what better than to share the highlights and challenges with you!


Service improvements and new features

Accept 16 digital currencies with Coinify

Our team is always  looking for new ways to improve Coinify services.

In the beginning of the year we brought you a new and better version of our API’s for custom payments and buy-orders – the new version has added more flexibility, compliance standards as well as consistency to our services. Later we implemented BIP70 – a protocol that helps simplify refunding customers and receiving payments faster. BIP70 is included in the QR code and be used with supporting wallets –  such as Mycelium, Breadwallet and Electrum.

We believe that you should have full access to the best of what the blockchain has to offer.
 Which is why, we have focused on adding more digital currencies, besides bitcoin, to our payment processing platform. Now all Coinify Merchants can accept 16 different blockchain currencies at ease!

Another dedication of ours has been to find ways for our Trade customers to have easier access to bitcoin. We enabled buying with MobilePay, an easy and popular mobile payment method here in Denmark, enabling 2,5 million users to purchase bitcoin using their smart phone. Although MobilePay is currently disabled, we did not give up. Soon after, we enabled another new payment option – Visa and MasterCard credit cards for buying bitcoin.

Launching Coinify Newsroom and other public awareness activities

Bitcoin Jack on cover of Danish newspaper Politiken

The Coinify Newsroom is an enhanced destination where you can find exactly what you need to know about Coinify.

Apart from keeping you up to date with our latest developments, we are providing you with expert articles each focusing on a specific topic about bitcoin and the blockchain. The first article; 5 reasons why Bitcoin is the most important invention since the internet focuses on the disruptive potential of this innovation which bears some analogy to that of the internet. Read why bank-transfers in their present form would never have been permitted, if the blockchain had been invented 50 years ago in the article Blockchain is the New Standard for Financial Transparency. If you believe that Bitcoin is anonymous, read about the 6 reasons that refute this.

Sharing our experiences and knowledge about bitcoin and blockchain is part of our strategy of mainstreaming bitcoin adoption.

Over the year, we welcomed several journalists and media crews at our office and gladly accepted invitations to join them in television or radio studios to share some words about Bitcoin and the blockchain.

Coinify's CFO and head of strategy Christian Visti Larsen speaks about bitcoin in the national televisions morning news

We are always happy to support bitcoin initiatives. Joining Bitcoin Funfair, the largest bitcoin consumer festival, has been a worthwhile experience to spread the word about Bitcoin with other participants in a friendly one-to-one manner. And when one of our colleagues, known as Bitcoin Jack, came up with a daring idea; to try a month-long experiment, where he had to survive on bitcoin only and still carry on with his everyday life; we fully welcomed it and brought you updates on his bitcoin adventures. Jack has not only managed to reach his goal, but also to talk many local bars owners into becoming bitcoin merchants to be able to throw the first ever bitcoin pubcrawl in Copenhagen!

2015 has been a very fruitful year taking  the number of events into account that we were able to attend as keynote speakers and panellists. Have a look at our eventful self and join us for upcoming events, such as the Blockchain masterclass, Future of Retail Banking conference and Money 20/20 Europe!

Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude for being recognized for what we do. Thank you for the all startup and fintech award nominations: Best Newcomer at the Nordic Startup Awards, 2 IFM Award nominations, Red Herring Europe and European FinTech Awards. So far, we have succeeded in winning the Best Presentation Award at Nordic Venture Forum, IFM Award for the Best Electronic Payment Solution category and being chosen as Emerging Star in Fintech100. Thank you for all for your votes and support!

This Year In Review post has featured service improvements, newsroom, events and awards that 2015 brought. You can also read about our expansion and customer success stories from 2015 in the post Year in review (part 1).

Image credits: Coinify, Joachim Adrian (Politiken), DR

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