Coinify Payment Suite

Unleash the power of virtual currency payments

Coinify is your gateway to the future of professional payment solutions. We provide cutting-edge and compliant virtual currency products that allow businesses to accept payments both online and in retail stores.

  • Payments

    Coinify Payments allows online and brick-and-mortar merchants and PSP's to accept virtual currencies while receiving payouts in traditional currencies at no extra cost.

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  • Deposits

    Allow your customers to make deposits to their accounts with direct virtual currency deposits and receive the amounts in traditional currency.

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  • Invoices

    Allows Business and Professional Services to offer the option of paying invoices issued in traditional currencies with virtual currencies, and we will settle the invoice in face-value.

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  • Withdrawals

    Allows businesses who hold funds of their clients to offer the attractive service of facilitating withdrawals to Bitcoin for their customers.

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  • Trade Solutions

    Increase engagement by allowing your customers to easily exchange between traditional and virtual currencies without leaving your website or app.

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  • Wallet Trading Solutions

    Increase user engagement by giving your users easy access to move between traditional and virtual currencies without ever leaving your wallet!

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Morten Bebe

Sales Manager

[email protected]

Bo Soderberg

Sales Manager (APAC)

[email protected]