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Attention, please read before submitting a ticket:

If you have created a bank order which has not been completed within 2-3 BUSINESS days, it is very possible the reason is one of the following:
  1. Bank transfer was sent from a corporate account - in this case we will refund the transfer.
  2. Bank transfer was sent from a third party account (i.e. an account not in the trader’s name) - in this case we will contact you for more information.
  3. Bank transfer was sent from Postbank - we do not accept bank transfers from the german bank Postbank anymore and we refund all transfers coming from it. Read more here.
  4. There is no bank order created for the bank transfer - in this case we will contact you or possibly refund the transfer.
  5. The ID of the bank order is not included in the transfer - this increases the processing time since the order must be manually fixed.

Note that some of the above issues increase the processing time of your order. Always read the email confirmation you receive from Coinify after creating a bank order as it contains important information for having the order processed on time.

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